Moon Knight’s Brutal Past is His Greatest Weapon in Devil’s Reign

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for Devil’s Reign: Moon Knight #1, available now from Marvel.

Marc Spector has made some genuinely incredible strides in advancing the work of his Midnight Mission. Unfortunately, he has also been caught in Wilson Fisk’s campaign of terror against the heroes of New York City. This has left Moon Knight imprisoned alongside some of the greatest heroes and worst villains of all time, with no one to count on other than himself. Thankfully, the same brutal reputation that he has been trying to escape is far from gone, and Moon Knight has just turned it into his strongest asset within the Myrmidon.

The Myrmidon, the prison for superpowered criminals in which Marc Spector has ended up, is full of B-list villains tense from the arrival of their new cellmates. Plenty of these low-level foes have been left scarred by Moon Knight in particular, and are quick to begin plotting against him. As seen in Devil’s Reign: Moon Knight #1 (by Jed MacKay, Federico Sabbatini, Lee Loughridge, and VC’s Cory Petit), the titular hero has no intention of waiting for his enemies to come for him. Instead, Marc makes every move possible to embroil himself further in the violence hidden just beneath the prison’s surface as part of an underground fighting ring. For many of the villains he crosses along the way, the threat of Moon Knight is enough to stay out of his way, although it is clear there is little stopping him from going back over the edge that has come to define his entire persona. .

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Apart from sending his more cowardly foes running, Moon Knight embraced the opportunity to tackle them head-on both in and out of the ring. He wasn’t afraid to delve into some truly disturbing territory either, as seen when he gouges the eyes out of Man-Mountain Marko. This display of overtly grotesque violence is not that out of character for Moon Knight, but it does stand in stark contrast to the changes he has made to his life through the Midnight Mission. Rather than the bloodshed Marc used to dispense in the name of Khonshu, he has worked tirelessly to create a better future for himself and his legacy of him.

The fact that Fisk’s war on the city’s heroes has forced Moon Knight to return to his old ways is something of a painful one considering how far he has come with the Midnight Mission. On the other hand, hunting down and blinding Man-Mountain Marko in prison was all part of a carefully calculated plan of Marc’s. This certainly muddies the transition he has made recently, at least as far as what lines he is and isn’t willing to cross is concerned. Despite putting so much effort into not wreaking unnecessary damage anymore, Marc has seemingly fallen back into his previous habits with no effort whatsoever, further calling into question whether he has actually changed at all.

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Man-Mountain Marko may be the exception to Moon Knight’s newer methodologies, especially as he was threatening his own child at that moment, yet his fate still serves as a gut-wrenching reminder of what Marc Spector is capable of. It is also a prime example of precisely why he is such a serious threat to Mayor Fisk’s reign over the city. Assuming it won’t be long before Marc walks out the doors of the Myrmidon and back into action, he might even be the one to turn the tide of battle against Fisk’s Thunderbolts. If they don’t decide to lay down their arms after seeing that Moon Knight is done pulling his punches.

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