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A Tullahoma teacher is releasing a historical fiction novel next month and holding a book release discussion and signing for her book “Dunnigan” at the Manchester Arts Center.

The author, Jenna Cossey, is a Coffee County High School graduate and was a teacher with the Tullahoma School System for 10 years. Cossey is a history lover at heart and an educator by profession. She is a lifelong Middle Tennessean with a deep love of creative writing that she developed at an early age with short stories, poems, and songs.

Becoming an author was an unexpected yet pleasant surprise, she said of penning her first novel. She has a variety of interests, including her small farm and horses, traveling, playing music, and reading great books.

In the debut novel “Dunnigan” she draws on her experience and creativity to bring the past to life through relatable characters.

Cossey describes her upcoming release as:

“It is the summer of 1929 in central Alabama. Dunnigan prospers due to nearby industry and a booming economy. As train travel reaches peak popularity, the roads become more frequented by automobiles, and highway Thirty One brings all kinds of people to and through the growing city.

After tragedy strikes, Sara Wheeler and her little brother leave Tennessee to live with their aunt. It is a new start, but the past haunts her as she scrambles to adjust.

Noah and Thomas Maclane left home to escape their overbearing father. On their own, they need to make ends meet. They find work at a local garage, but when they begin to live separate lives, the nature of their relationship poses a dilemma.

Ransom Cahill is part of a wealthy socialite family. He has every opportunity to succeed but wrestles with the expectations of life in the upper crust. His attempt by him to break free from those constraints brings unexpected danger.

These lives intertwine in ‘Dunnigan’, and it sets each of them on a collision course with their fears and insecurities. They must choose between the lives they have and the lives they envision, with no guaranteed destination.”

“Dunnigan” will be available in paperback through Amazon on April 5.

The book release event will be at the Manchester Arts Center, where a curated discussion will be followed by a book signing period. Those who purchase tickets will have the option to include a presale book in their purchase. The event is ticketed by Eventbrite, and purchase details can be found at www.jennacossey.org.


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