10 Quotes That Prove Rory And Paris Have The Best Friendship

Out of all of the main characters on gilmoregirls, Rory and Paris have the most in common. They both thrive in an intimidating academic environment like Chilton or Yale, they love studying more than anything else, and they sometimes feel nervous and awkward when dating or in social situations. After competing for a while, the two characters build a nice friendship that fans really appreciate.

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Whether Rory and Paris are still in high school, living together at Yale, or talking about going on dates, viewers love the smart and funny conversations between these characters. There are many Gilmore Girls quotes from Paris and Rory that show how great their relationship is.

10 Paris Is Surprised That Jamie Asked Her On A Date

“I finally get asked out on a date and I missed it. Was it a good ask out?”

One of the most heartwarming dating scenes on Gilmore Girls is when Jamie wants to go on a date with Paris and she’s oblivious to what he just asked her.

When Rory tells Paris that Jamie wants to go on a first date, Paris asks Rory what it was like, showing how close she feels to Rory. Although Paris often thinks that she’s more intelligent than other people, she does trust Rory to be honest with her and help her through these confusing situations.

9 Rory Gives Paris Tough Love

“Okay, you’ve got to stop doing this.”

Rory Gilmore (Alexis Bledel) looking at Paris Geller (Liza Weil);  Rory comforting Paris in

Gilmore Girls fans will never forget how devastated Paris is when she receives a rejection from Harvard and when she tells the students and teachers at Chilton that she had sex with Jamie.

After Paris stays home from school and has trouble moving on, Rory gives her some tough love and good advice about stopping feeling sorry for herself. Rory helps Paris see that these things happen and she can still have a great college experience and amazing career.


8 Rory Helps Paris In A Year In The Life

“You’re going through a divorce. You have your business, the kids.”

Paris Geller sitting on a couch on Gilmore Girls A Year in the Life.

While it’s exciting for Rory and Paris to visit Chilton again in the Netflix revival A Year In The Lifeit’s also scary to think about how much time has passed and where their lives are now compared to where they thought they would be.

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As Rory wonders what she’ll do now, and turns down a teaching opportunity at Chilton, Paris becomes really upset in the bathroom after seeing Tristan again. When Paris admits to being lost and sad, Rory tells her that it’s okay to feel this way because she and Doyle are splitting up. Rory reminds Paris that she’s still running her own business and she’s still a parent and that life is a mix of good and bad sometimes.

7 Paris Is Blunt With Rory About Dating Logan

“You’re used to living in a place with doormen and Danish furniture and refridgerators so fancy that magnets won’t stick to them.”

Paris Geller (Liza Weil) looking stressed;  Rory Gilmore (Alexis Bledel) talking on the phone at the Yale Daily News in

Logan and Paris are two of the richest Gilmore Girls characters, and after Rory moves in with Paris and Doyle when her relationship with Logan starts falling apart, Paris is super honest about how small the apartment is compared to Logan’s massive place.

Without the strong friendship between Paris and Rory, Rory would be upset hearing Paris speak this way. But because Rory knows that Paris can’t help being blunt, Rory can handle these words.

6 Paris Compliments Rory

“Because people think you’re nice. You’re quiet, you say excuse me, you look like little birds help you get dressed in the morning. People don’t fear you.”

When Paris asks Rory to be her Vice President at Chilton, she compliments Rory in a hilarious way, comparing her to Cinderella.

Fans love how Rory and Paris are there for each other even though they have such different personalities. This is about as sweet and caring as Paris sounds, and this quote proves how much she cares about Rory because if she didn’t, she would never say that Rory has some positive qualities that she herself doesn’t have.

5 Paris Asks Rory About Sleeping With Jamie

“What are your thoughts on that? Because I’m not exactly sure how I feel about it myself yet.”

Paris looking upset making a speech at Chilton on Gilmore Girls

Although Rory feels a bit awkward talking about Paris having sex with Jamie for the first time, the fact that Paris wants to discuss this subject with Rory is definitely a big deal.

Paris goes through high school without close friends, as she doesn’t get along that well with Madeline and Louise, and Paris takes a long time to open up to Rory. But after this scene, Paris knows that she can count on her good friend.

4 Paris Changes Rooms With Rory

“I also switched our rooms. Now, mine may seem bigger, but yours gets less sun, so you don’t have to worry about melanoma.”


the best Gilmore Girls Yale scenes include Paris and Rory living together in season 4. When Paris tells Rory that she decided that they should change rooms, anyone would be mad and upset, wondering why Paris did this without asking.

Since Rory knows Paris so well, she doesn’t react as poorly as someone else would. This quote is heartwarming in its own way because Paris is looking out for Rory and her sun exposure for her. When Paris is caring and compassionate, she’s still somewhat harsh and blunt.

3 Rory Wonders If She And Paris Should Go On Spring Break

“We’re not spring-breaky people, are we?”

paris and rory on spring break on gilmore girls

In season 4, Paris and Rory go on a spring break trip. They don’t have the best time and realize that it’s not for them, but it’s still sweet seeing the characters go on vacation together.

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By asking Paris if they should be brave and go on spring break, where they’re going to be around crowds of people and might feel uncomfortable, Rory shows that she considers Paris a good friend. Rory knows that she can say anything to Paris and that Paris will always understand where she’s coming from.

two Rory Says Paris Wants Her To Work On The School Newspaper Over Break

“Paris wants the first issue back to be a double issue, so we have to prep over break, and… she says the news never sleeps.”

Rory Gilmore (Alexis Bledel) in classrooms at Chilton in

While Paris and Rory aren’t good friends yet in season 2, the characters seem to be getting closer to the relationship that they develop soon. Rory shows that she respects Paris a lot when she tells Lorelai that Paris wanted her to do a lot of work on the school newspaper over the break.

Gilmore Girls fans like Rory at Chilton, and while she gets an amazing education, she also finds a special connection with Paris, something that she would have never imagined after how much they fight in season 1. As Rory says this quote, she proves to fans that she would do anything to help make Paris’s life easier.

1 Paris Worries That She’ll Never Find A Partner

“What if there is no one else?”

Paris and Rory talking in Washington on Gilmore Girls

At the start of season 3, Paris and Jamie are about to start their serious relationship, and Paris keeps coming to Rory for dating lessons and wise words.

With this quote, Paris is vulnerable with Rory for one of the first times. It means a lot that Paris would admit to Rory that she is concerned about never finding a life partner because she would never admit any feelings of defeat or sadness to someone who she wasn’t so close with.

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