5 villains from DC comics that fans would love to see in Gotham Knights

Warner Bros. Interactive is all set to release its upcoming action role-playing game, Gotham Knights, on October 25, 2022. Based on popular DC character Batman, Gotham Knights will allow players to venture into the most dynamic and interactive Gotham City to date .

The story revolves around the four main characters, together known as the Batman Family. These include Nightwing, Red Hood, Batgirl, and Robin. Gamers will be able to play with these characters, and each features unique powers and skills.

DC comic villains that fans would love to see in Gotham Knights

The most popular character in the game, Batman, is already dead in Gotham Knights and the Batman family is tasked with restoring justice in Gotham City.

Villains have been an important aspect of every Batman game. Players will encounter a secret society of notorious villains known as the Court of Owls, responsible for controlling Gotham City for centuries.

Here are some other popular DC villains that would have been an excellent choice for Gotham Knights:

1) Riddler

Riddler in Batman 2021 (Image via Warner Bros.)Jack the Ripper in the Batman universe (Image via Batman.fandom)Joker in the Batman universe (Image via DC Comics)Penguin in the Batman universe (Image via DC Comics)Mister Freeze in Batman universe (Image via DC Comics)Twitter for easy guides, news and updates!

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