Books to take the edge off troubled times

Kendal A. Rautzhan

With everything going on in the world, kids need a break from the tensions and concerns that seem to beat all of us over the head through social media, news reports, conversations and the like. A marvelous way to diffuse the worries of the day is to read books to children. Subjects can be across the board – fiction and nonfiction, soothing books, hilarious books, adventure – all the way down the line.

We all need an escape now and then, and so do kids. Pick up a book every day and read to the kids in your life; it’s a gift of immeasurable value.

Books to Borrow

The following book is available at many public libraries.

“Geronimo Stilton: The Search for Sunken Treasure,” by Geronimo Stilton, illustrated by Larry Keyes and Mirellik, Scholastic, 122 pages

Read aloud: Age 7 and older.

Read yourself: Age 8 and older.

Geronimo Stilton runs a newspaper, but what he really likes is to write adventure stories. When Aunt Sweetfur proposes a sailing adventure to the Ratlapagos Islands, Geronimo agrees to accompany her. She wants to visit the place her long-lost husband de ella, Grayfur, ventured to in search of buried treasure; the place he never returned from.

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