Does Billy Butcher have powers? Comic origins explored as The Boys season 3 teaser trailer drops ft. Soldier Boy and more

Amidst controversies with the show’s actor Antony Starr, Amazon Studios has dropped TheBoys season 3 teaser. The clip featured interesting plot points from the upcoming season and showcased a plethora of new characters, with a significant focus on Jensen Ackles’ Soldier Boy, as was expected.

Another crucial revelation in the teaser was Butcher and potentially some members of his group taking a version of Compound V that gives them certain powers. In the series, he appears to gain the same powers as Homelander. However, it is likely that Homelander is still the most powerful character in the show’s universe, perhaps with the exception of Becca’s son Ryan.

As expected, the teaser promised a lot of gore in the upcoming season, with heads and bodies exploding with blood. It also promises extremely weird instances of s*x scenes and fetishes.

Easter eggs and theories spawned by The Boys season 3 teaser

Billy Butcher gets powers – Was it the same in Garth Ennis’ comics?

The trailer heavily featured Karl Urban’s Billy Butcher getting his own powers after taking a version of the Vought-developed Compound V drugs. While in the comic runs, Butcher injects the entire team with the Compound V, his own powers from him from the drug have never been this potent.

In the series, the character has similar powers to that of Homelander, which enables him to go toe-to-toe with the latter. However, in the comics, Butcher’s powers were only limited to enhanced strength. Unlike Hughie’s run in the comics, Butcher never develops extreme superpowers like those teased in the clip.

The Boys gets powers

Hughie Campbell being injected with the Compound V in The Boys #4 (Image via Wildstorm Productions)

TheBoys season 3 will also deal with Victoria Neuman’s reveal to certain characters, as none of the main characters know about her secret powers. Hughie is expected to be the first person to figure it out.

Victoria’s character is based on Victor Neuman from the comics, who was the former CEO of Vought International. The character also ends up being the vice-president of the United States and is referred to as the “Vic the Veep.”

in the TheBoys series, Victoria Neuman may get to have a similar career in the United States government.

New Characters


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