Final Fantasy 7 Remake Mod Gives Cloud His Advent Children Outfit

A modder has given Cloud his Advent Children outfit within Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Following the massive success of Final Fantasy 7, Square Enix wanted to carry it on by expanding the universe with spin-off games and other media. One of these was Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children, an animated movie set after the events of the main game that showed Cloud and friends dealing with the Geostigma disease.

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Although Advent Children has always seen a bit of a mixed response from the Final Fantasy community, one element that has remained well-received was the updated looks for certain characters, specifically Cloud.

Image: Ninjagrime, Sreliata

Cloud was given a look that just screams Nomura thanks to its dark colors and numerous belts. It’s become his default alternate attire over the years, even appearing as his outfit in Kingdom Hearts 2. If you’ve always preferred Cloud’s Advent look, a new mod from Ninjagrime12 and Sreliata on Nexus Mods lets you outfit Cloud with his edgier look in Final Fantasy 7 Remake.


The mod does exactly what you’d expect and gives Cloud his one-sleeved jacket, shoulder pads, earring, and wolf medallion. The only thing missing is the pink ribbon, although that’s usually hidden underneath Cloud’s left sleeve anyway and is also a depressing reminder of a plot point we won’t mention here.

Ninjagrime detailed how they managed to get the outfit in the game, saying, “Model is by Sreliata and is from Dissidia NT. I just put it in the game and got it to work with some guidance from JuJu and Nark. The updated black and blue versions models are by Amiibolad AKA Ugh Seriously on OpenFF7R Discord AKA, it fixes the chest texture and adds physics to the sleeve, collar, and skirt. Weights were also updated.”

Considering Final Fantasy 7 Remake makes a few allusions to the events of Advent Children, such as how the three whispers the party fights at the end of Remake apparently take their fighting styles from Sephiroth’s Remnants in Advent Children, it’s entirely possible that we’ll see some sort of variation on this outfit pops up later down the line.

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