How I Met Your Mother: 10 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About The Comedy Series

Kids, I don’t know about you – and I do not mean this as a criticism on the new series – but Hulu’s new spin-off sitcom, How I Met Your Father, has put me in the mood to revisit its predecessor. However, instead of just binging all 208 episodes – or, perhaps, maybe just the best How I Met Your Mother episodes – all over again, I want to go a bit deeper than that and learn about some of the stories that we did not hear from the late Bob Saget’s narration as Future Ted.

Thus, I have accepted the challenge of compiling a list of legen- wait for it… DARY behind-the-scenes facts about one of the most romantic, clever, and (mostly) beloved TV comedies of all time. This is, sort of, the story of how How I Met Your Mother met us, starting with some fun trivia about the easily singable theme song.

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HIMYM Creators’ Band Wrote And Performed The Theme Song

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