Lost In Space: The 10 Best Will Robinson Quotes

Through his emotional bond with Robot, Will Robinson becomes the heart of Lost In Space, demonstrating a considerable amount of kindness towards his friends and family. The space explorer’s noble declarations have captivated audiences of Netflix’s hit series, with viewers often impressed by his wise words from him in the face of some especially dangerous predicaments.

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Will Robinson’s awe-inspiring speeches have provided some of Lost In Space’s most memorable moments, with the child demonstrating some surprisingly astute behavior, despite his young age. The Robinsons’ youngest member has delivered some truly inspirational quotes, which reflect the family’s often grand ambitions.


never be friends

”We may never be friends. You may never even understand what I’m saying, but you don’t belong in a box.”

Will meets Scarecrow for the first time.

Scarecrow provides a vital character within the Netflix series, as the alien Robot assists in helping the Robinsons reach Alpha Centauri. Will’s initial meeting with the extra-terrestrial being features in the episode “Scarecrow,” with the child cautiously approaching the robotic figure, in the belief that he can persuade Scarecrow to help the Resolute’s crew.

This quote aptly reflects Will’s compassion, as he laments the decision by the ship’s personnel to imprison Scarecrow. The child treats Scarecrow as an equal as opposed to a prisoner without free will, resulting in a line that perfectly encapsulates Will’s strong sense of morality.

The Impossible

“The impossible happens all the time, you just have to believe it can.”

Will and Penny Robinson stare into the distance.

The Robinsons find themselves in some of the most perilous predicaments, and Will’s confidence in the face of danger helps to keep spirits high during these unfortunate situations. Lost In Space’s eighth episode, entitled “Trajectory,” features Will at his most audacious, as he reassures Penny after becoming stranded on an alien planet.

Will’s endearingly optimistic line offers words of comfort to Penny, as he encourages her to believe in the seemingly impossible. The empathetic nature of the young boy’s advice also confirms Lost In Space‘s Will as an INFJ personality type, showing a calm and collected side to the young space explorer.

Dad’s A Hero

“Your Dad’s a hero. To all of us.”

Will recovers in the hospital on Alpha Centauri.

An especially significant character within the series is Ben Adler, with the Resolute’s deputy director having saved Scarecrow’s life at the end of the second season. Will honors Adler’s heroic actions from him, in the episode “Contingencies On Contingencies,” as he informs Ben’s family of his noble feat from him while recovering from his encounter with SAR.

Will displays a caring attitude towards Adler’s wife and children, as he describes their deceased loved one as “a hero.” He speaks fondly of Ben Adler, and his tender-hearted speech by him helps bring a sense of closure for the deputy director’s family, confirming the Robinson child to be one of Lost In Space‘s most likeable characters.

The Heart

“The heart is actually a form of programming, I guess. It can tell us how to act, what to risk, who our friends are. Hearts can also be broken.”

Lost in Space season 3 ending

Will’s strong bond with Robot drives much of the hatred SAR demonstrates towards the space explorer, as he blames the Robinson’s youngest member for breaking Robot’s programming. Season 3’s sixth episode, “Final Transmission,” sees Will attempt to reason with SAR, during the Robot invasion of Alpha Centauri, in a moment that proves the astronaut to be one of Lost In Space‘s most intelligent characters.

The youngster demonstrates much bravery, as he faces his mortal enemy alone and explains the connection that formed between himself and his Robot. The child’s words are beautiful and inspired, as he draws similarities between how the heart can be “broken” and the Robots’ own capabilities to deviate from their original source code.


“Penny. Hey. Listen to me. I know you better than you know yourself. You’re smart, brave, and you’re stronger than you think. You can do this.”

lost in space s3 - mina sundwall

The Robinsons are an especially unstoppable force throughout the Netflix program, with the spacefaring family often emerging triumphant over the most impossible odds. Will holds a considerable amount of faith in his parents and siblings de ella, and his belief de ella in Penny, in particular, is reflected in the episode “Trust,” as he urges her to protect the alien engine from the advancing Robots.

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Will’s pep talk inspires a great deal of confidence in Penny, who often doubts her own capabilities. His words de ella nicely echo his firm belief in his sister’s abilities de ella, as he voices the impressive qualities he has witnessed from her sister de ella which she is tragically unable to see within herself.

Final Transmission

“This is Will Robinson of the 24th Colonist group. This is my final transmission…”

Lost in Space Season 3 Will Robinson Death

Will’s plan to confront SAR and his Robot army forms a major part of Lost In Space’s third season, with the fearless boy’s risky decision placing his life in extreme danger. “Final Transmission” involves Will exacting his heroic scheme, as he leaves his family a farewell message before facing his arch-nemesis.

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This quote demonstrates Will’s strong nobility during uncertain times, with the boy bravely choosing to stand against those who threaten to harm his family. His final message from him reflects his courageous attitude from him amid the Robinsons’ darkest hour, as he places his own life on the line to save his nearest and dearest from him.


“I’m not the same as when we got up in that tree. Why should he be any different? We’re connected. We’re growing up.”

The everlasting friendship between Will and Robot is an especially prominent aspect of Netflix’s sci-fi program, with the pair’s clear camaraderie providing some of the show’s greatest moments. Will’s defense of Robot in light of his changing behavior from him acts as an especially perfect demonstration of their closeness from him, as the episode “Shell Game” sees the young lad deliver some wise words to his family from him.

Will’s speech speaks to the evolution of his friendship with Robot, and how the pair have “changed” during their time together. This powerful line draws an apt comparison between the changes Will is experiencing through puberty, and how Robot’s affinity for the child is resulting in the extraterrestrial being developing more human emotions, offering one of the show’s most dynamic lines.


“I’m doing this so you all can survive because you’re what matters most to me. You’re my family, and I love you.”

Lost in Space Season 3 Will Robinson Recovery

The notion of “family” is prominent throughout Lost In Space, with Will’s feelings towards his loved ones proving to be a major driving force for many of his decisions. This concept is most present in the episode “Final Transmission,” as Will leaves a message for his closest allies from him upon deciding to confront SAR.

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Will’s touching line encapsulates the young lad’s sentimental side, as he declares his love for his family and friends. The astronaut believes his meeting of him with the Robots is the only way to ensure his loved ones’ safety and opts to inform them how much he cares before meeting with SAR, in dialogue which forms one of Will’s most heartfelt quotes of him.


“Scarecrow saved us. We wouldn’t have gotten away without him. Did you know he’d be there? So, I guess you just hoped he would be? Do you even know what hope is?”

Will Robinson converses with Robot in the second season.

The Robot’s erratic change of behavior provides a major focus for the show’s second season, with Will’s connection to his extra-terrestrial friend allowing him to understand his buddy’s strange actions. This is most evident in the episode “Ninety-Seven,” – a Lost In Space episode that features plot holes that make no sense – which sees Will question how Robot knew Scarecrow would return.

These curious words by Will show the character’s inquisitive nature, as he ponders the extent of Robot’s emotional development. His smart use of logic sees him happen upon the realization that his seemingly robotic friend has acquired the ability to hope for desirable outcomes, rather than apply a rational thought process for every situation, revealing the full extent of Robot’s newfound humanity.


“What good is protecting me my whole life if I can’t grow up to protect you?”

Lost In Space‘s The first season provides a considerable challenge for the Robinsons, with the courageous astronauts faced with extreme climates and scheming villains throughout their adventures. Will demonstrates a strong drive to protect his family from him during the episode “Resurrection,” as Doctor Smith reprograms Robot and sends him after the Robinsons.

This quote reflects Will’s tendency to place the lives of others before his own, as he voices his wish to help protect his parents from Robot. Will’s line shows some real grit and determination, as he strives to win back his friend’s protection from the devious Doctor Smith.

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