Love Is Blind: The 10 Funniest Quotes From Season 2

It seemed impossible, but season 2 of Netflix’s hit dating experiment, love is blind, was even more dramatic than the first installment of the show. Viewers were definitely taken for a wild–and sometimes hilarious–ride.

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In terms of the cast, this season had some very interesting characters who were able to make their fellow cast members and audiences burst into laughter, but not always for the reasons that one would expect. From comical interactions to opinions that made people laugh with second-hand embarrassment, there were plenty of top-tier quotes.



“Not trying to sound conceited, but it feels like all you guys are going after me.”

Trisha Frame on Love Is Blind season 2

The hilarious irony about this quote is that Trisha could not have been further from the truth. Every time she was on-screen, she talked nonstop about how popular she was and how many Instagram followers she had. Funnily enough, fellow cast member Natalie has everyone beat in terms of Insta followers. Viewers could see every guy’s eyes roll back into her head, but Trisha was totally unaware of how she was coming off.

There’s something funny about someone being completely oblivious to their own attitude–and Trisha definitely got a heavy dose of reality in the end, as she was one of the female participants who didn’t end up coupling up with anyone. Apparently, she overestimated how many guys were “going after” her.


“I love buying clothes for girls. What’s your size?”

Abhishek Chatterjee aka Shake on Love Is Blind season 2

If there was one person on love is blind who definitely should have auditioned for a different dating show, it was Shake. To prove this point, it was even brought up by Vanessa Lachey during the reunion episode. The entire concept of the experiment is to find love “sight unseen” and many of the participants chose not to even ask questions about physical appearance.

However, Shake didn’t even make it one interaction without seedily trying to sneak in questions that would tell him about the weight of whoever he was talking to and it was laughable–and cringey– how obvious he was. So much so, that he’s the subject of many amazing love is blind season 2 memes.


“I think I’m a huge tool. 100%. I own that. That’s fine. I get it.”

Shayne Jansen on Love Is Blind season 2

Shayne may not be winning any likeability contests between the show’s cast, but at least he’s comically self-aware. Shockingly enough, the only moments where Shayne was a “tool” were off-camera. During the filmed portions of the show, he was head-over-heels about Natalie.

What did show with Shayne, however, was his more bubbly, extroverted personality and, at times, wide-eyed stare. It even came out that Shayne was pretty respectful of the women on the show, and he and Jarette warned Deepti off-camera about what Shake had been saying about her.


“If you think I’m ad**k, that’s kinda weird. No offense.”

Shayne sitting on the couch in a pod, hands clasped in front of his face on Love is Blind.

Shayne continued to have some of the best sound bites in the pods. His off-the-walls energy from him caused him to jump the gun on his conversation with Natalie, and accidentally guess that she was Shaina. He then doubled down when Natalie didn’t say anything and mentioned that he had been hoping to talk to Shaina more.

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This line was so unexpected and Shayne just kept digging himself a deeper and deeper hole as the conversation continued. There’s no doubt that many fans were shouting for him to stop talking at their television screens. Just the glib nature of his complete lack of accountability in the situation ended up being very awkward, and the quote is really funny, especially out of context.


“He could come out with no teeth and I’d still kiss him on the mouth.”

Danielle cupping her head in her hand, smiling and blushing in the pod on Love is Blind.

The cast had some pretty hilarious things to say as they were waiting to have their new fiancés revealed to them. The women, by and large, listed off countless physical ailments that they were okay with their partner having. Natalie even posited that Shayne could look like an ogre and it “wouldn’t impact her love de ella for him.”

Before Danielle and Nick became one of the most dramatic couples of the season, she was genuinely excited to meet him in real life and made this joke about Nick missing all of his teeth and still kissing him. Lucky for her, Nick has every one of his pearly whites on him.


“And, honestly, I don’t want a 10, okay? You don’t want all the other women after your man, okay? Ask any woman.”

Shaina from Love is Blind, hunched over laughing on the couch in the pod.

Shaina and Shake were tied for villain status on the show, but this was one moment that was just funny instead of cringey or appalling. What’s more romantic than a prospective wife saying that they’d prefer to think that their partner is n’t attractive or a 10 in their eyes from her?

Shaina was even laughing at herself as she was saying this quote in the confession, and kept reassuring the cameraman saying, “Ask any woman.” Ironically, Shaina ended up chasing after someone else’s man, just like she talked about avoiding with her own future partner. That must mean she thinks Shayne is a 10/10.


“I already told her, if she’s within a 2-mile radius, that booty is mine.”

Shake down on one knee proposing in Love is Blind.

This line would be funny and cute if fans didn’t know how Shake’s and Deepti’s relationship developed after their initial reveal and proposal. With that knowledge, it’s just funny. And, surprisingly, Shake wasn’t bluffing, and jaws dropped as he reached around and squeezed Deepti’s butt on camera.

If there is a sign that a relationship isn’t going to work out, it’s likely one of the people in the relationship grabbing the other’s butt two seconds after seeing them in person for the first time. Shake was vocal about not liking the way his time on-screen was edited, and fans should know that a lot of footage goes unseen, but he ca n’t claim that he edited it to blame for this memorable shot.

Nick & Jarette

“Even sweaty, I think you’re beautiful.””Thank you, my good man. You’re not too shabby, yourself.”

Split image showing Danielle and Nick and Iyanna and Jarrette in Love Is Blind

Although the focus of a dating show is on the different couples and their interactions with each other, there are a ton of great non-romantic moments between the cast because they end up spending so much time together on set. Nick and Jarette, for example, formed an adorable friendship on the show.

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When Nick and Jarette finally got to see each other again at the meet and greet in Mexico with all of the couples, they were quick to get reacquainted. When making comments about how every girl was beautiful, Nick took the chance to tell Jarette he was beautiful, too, and Jarette cheekily reciprocated the compliment. It was a great moment.


“This show is about finding a wife? I don’t think that’s true.”

Shake in the middle of a heated moment on the Love is Blind season 2 reunion, Kyle and Shayne on either side.

The reunion for the season 2 cast of love is blind was explosive, to say the least. It seemed like there was dirty laundry being aired out left and right. It also became overwhelmingly clear that Shake was not very popular with the other contestants on the show–or that he really understood the concept of the show at all.

It was revealed during the reunion episode that Vanessa thinks Shake should have auditioned for a different show because so much of his concerns were with physical appearance, which went directly against the show’s purpose. He then delivered this absolutely hysterical line, and audiences could only laugh. He clearly was on a completely different page than everyone else, and Vanessa was correct in her assumption of him.


“I think we’d all like it if you just shut up, in general.”

Jarette and Iyanna at the Love Is Blind reunion

Throughout all of the arguments at the season 2 reunion, the cast funnily could agree on one thing: they all wanted Shake to shut up. Right from the start of the episode, Shake jumped on the defensive, saying that his portion of the show was edited to make him look bad.

From the looks on everyone’s faces, it’s a good bet that that is not the case. From Shake’s multiple assertions that Deepti reminded him of his aunt de ella to his attitude de ella during the reunion, it was a blessing that someone finally told him to stop talking, and Iyanna did that.

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