Palm Springs-area golf is pricy in the desert again, but lower summer prices are just around the corner

It doesn’t take much to be convinced that golf is pretty healthy in the Coachella Valley these days.

All it takes is a drive through the desert, assuming you have the money to afford the gas for a pleasure ride. Drive past most public-access golf courses these days and you can see parking lots that, while not overflowing, are more packed than they were two or three years ago. If you can see part of the golf course, you might see three groups on a par-4, one on the green, one in the fairway and one waiting to tee off.

You can’t see it from a public street, but the same seems to be true at private courses. Many desert private clubs are reporting that play is up 10 or even 20 percent since before the pandemic hit basically two years ago this month.

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Better yet, the gloom and doom that seemed to envelop the game in the decade of the 2010s seems to be lifting. Consider that the National Golf Foundation reports that in every year since 2006, more golf courses have closed in the United States than opened. In part that was because of what the NGF calls the unsustainability of the boom in golf courses in the 1990s and into the early 2000s, and in part because the housing recession of the late 2000s caused many courses to shutter their gates.

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