Teen TV Dramas Like Euphoria

HBO’s hit drama series, euphoria, recently ended its extremely successful second season with a devastating finale that saw its main characters find resolution, repair and end relationships, as well as meet untimely deaths. The show quickly became everyone’s new obsession, and its success has cemented its legacy as one of the most talked about series in quite some time.

When exactly the series will return for its third season is still unknown, but fans are eager to find out what will happen to all their favorite characters. However, given the fact that euphoria‘s Emmy-winning lead actress, Zendaya, is currently one of Hollywood’s most highly sought after talents, it is presumed that it will be a while until Season 3 will go into production, given the actress’ busy schedule. Thankfully, there are several other equally bingeworthy teen dramas that can fill your TV schedule until the HBO series returns.

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Skins Is The Original Lustful Teen Drama


In a time when American television featured several pretty standard, soap-like, teen shows, British TV was already breaking ground with E4’s Skins. The series, which debuted in 2007, featured a diverse group of teens from Bristol during their last two years of high school. Through its main characters, the series dealt with various important topics like mental illness, family trauma, bullying, death, sexual awakening, gender exploration, substance abuse and much more, which were considered very controversial at the time. Furthermore, the series remained true in its premise and kept changing its entire main cast every two seasons, focusing on new generations of high schoolers.

After exploring three generations through six seasons, the show returned with a seventh and final season to conclude its impactful run. Skins‘ realistic and bold tone can be cited as the inspiration behind many current teen shows, including its short-lived American adaptation from MTV. The teen drama also served as a platform that launched the careers of several now well-established actors.

The Gossip Girl Revival Goes To Places The Original Couldn’t

HBO Max’s highly anticipated gossip-girl revival debuted last summer, and it quickly proved that it wasn’t going to tread in the same confined lines of its predecessor. While the show still takes place inside the extremely tight and glamorous circles of New York’s elite, it takes a bolder approach in its storytelling that makes this new series feel more relevant and provocative than ever. gossip-girl‘s modern approach makes the lives of its main characters seem more realistic but still unreachable for regular viewers — which is part of the show’s allure. If you want to see lavish lifestyles, scandalous affairs, backstabbing relationships, and rivalries full of intrigue, then the new gossip-girl is your show.

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Elite Combines Teen Drama With Murder

Netflix’s hit Spanish series, Elite, is true to its name but it offers much more than its title might give away. much like gossip-girlthe show does explore the conflict between characters of different socioeconomic classes, and it features its teenagers through tantalizing storylines and glamorous escapades but it also places a murder mystery right on its epicenter. Elite You have everything you might need from a teen drama plus the thriller vibes of a crime series. Moreover, its setting in a European elite private school makes it even more seductive for American audiences.

Yellowjackets Is Survivor But Everyone Is Teenage Girls

The latest and surprisingly scariest entry among the listed shows, Showtime’s yellowjackets is for those who seek a less “tropy” and more adventurous teen drama option. The series tells the story of a team of female high school soccer players in the early 1990s that crash land in the Canadian wilderness and are left to their own devices in order to survive. While the show does feature coming of age themes like exploring one’s identity, female friendships and falling in love, it also goes to rather unique territories with its characters. With arcs that explore the supernatural, witchcraft and even cannibalism, yellowjackets has a certain creepy factor that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

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We Are Who We Are Put Teens Through An Art Lens

we are who we are hbo

Created by Call Me by Your Name‘s Luca Guadagnino, We Are Who We Are took place during 2016 in a US military base in Italy and followed the lives of a group of American military brats, who started to question and explore their own identities. The teenagers’ complex journeys of self-discovery even became more intricate under the conditions that war and American politics created. We Are Who We Are avoided the use of common tropes in the genre and instead employed a more poetic approach in its storytelling. The miniseries also offered perhaps one of the most modern depictions of gender and sexuality exploration on TV in recent years.

Sex Education Is All About The Sex

sex education is a British drama-comedy series that deals with the sexual awakening of Moordale Secondary School’s students through Otis Milburn, a timid teenager with a sex therapist mother, who opens a secret sex therapy clinic and gives advice to his fellow classmates. Through its large cast, the show focuses on an array of issues that concern teenagers today such as, mental health, peer pressure, queer identity and pride, teenage pregnancy, sexual intimacy, among many others. sex education uses a comedic tone to delve into important subject matters that are considered taboo even today and offers informative perspectives on them.

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Love, Victor Places Queer Characters Front & Center

Love, Victor, a spinoff of the 2018 film, Love, Simon, focuses on young Victor Salazar and his journey of experimenting, realizing and finally accepting his sexual orientation. The series first deals with Victor’s struggle with his identity, as well as his family and friends’ reaction to him after he comes out. In recent years, many shows have included LGBTQ+ stories in their narrative, but the characters involved are usually placed in a supporting role. Indeed, only a few shows have put queer characters in the lead role but Love, Victor is definitely one 0f them.

Generation Put The Focus on Generation Z

Another HBO Max series, Generation chose to center its narrative around characters that represented the real teenagers of the present. The show took a modern look on the challenges teenagers face today and the conflicts that are often created between them and older generations with more conservative views. Generation featured an inclusive cast of characters from diverse backgrounds and gender expressions, and it also examined serious topics through the characters’ story arcs in relatable ways. While the series was short-lived, having produced only one season, it is still worth checking out, especially due to its very talented cast and the strong performances featured in it.

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