The 10 Best Fights In DOTA: Dragon’s Blood, Ranked

As an animated adaptation of the popular MOBA DOTA2, DOTA: Dragon’s Blood does what Arcane have done with League of Legendspulling from a huge library of lore and information, along with beloved characters and a rich world, and putting them into a different format for fans to enjoy.

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Now two seasons – or books – in, DOTA: Dragon’s Blood has already gone on an intense journey of love, sacrifice, and self-discovery, in a world that inhabits a whole number of powerful characters and forces. These forces occasionally even collide with each other, resulting in chaotic and intense fight scenes.

Warning: Spoilers For DOTA: Dragon’s Blood ahead.

10 Auroth & Bram Attempt To Hold Off Kashurra After His Grand Reveal

The ultimate showdown against Kashurra, who reveals himself to be the Void Eldwyrm Byssrak, at the end of Book 2 is essentially split into three parts, with Auroth and Bram trying and ultimately failing to keep Kashurra at bay. Bram gets one moment of heroism in his new role from him as a Dragon Knight, blocking one attack of Kashurra’s on a prone Auroth, but it is merely delaying the inevitable.

The shock of quickly killing off the likable Auroth, immediately hammers home how dangerous Kashurra is, but Bram escaping with his life means that they do still have a fighting chance, as he attempts to summon Kaden to join the fight.

9 The Invoker Showcases His True Power In Capturing Lirrak

Dota: Dragon's Blood Invoker preparing to attack

The Invoker is often seen as the puppeteer of the show, working in the shadows to manipulate people and events, but at the beginning of the seventh episode of Book 1 “Speak The Words,” he fights and captures a Water Eldwyrm named Lirrak.

There are several other fights that consist of more actual fighting and well-animated choreography, but this exchange has plenty to make it one of the best scenes of the entire series. The Invoker parts the seas and captures Lirrak, and despite a brief moment of retaliation, is able to seal her away from her. This scene is perfectly accompanied by dramatic music and stunning visuals, to capture the gravitas of his actions, showcasing his true power.

8 Davion Joins Forces With Slyrak To Fend off Terrorblade

Having ventured underground to slay a dragon earlier in the first episode of the entire series, Davion later heads down to stop Captain Fruhling from disturbing an Eldwyrm dragon. This is where he encounters the demon Terrorblade for the first time, with him possessing Fruhling as a means to consume dragon souls.

Terrorblade possesses the fallen dragon named Uldorak and fights another called Slyrak, with Davion trying to assist the latter. However, Terrorblade ultimately consumes Uldorak’s soul and leaves Slyrak injured. Davion is prepared to put Slyrak out of his misery from him, before the dragon attacks him first, marking the beginning of their bizarre partnership.

7 Kaden Attempts To Expel Slyrak From Davion

kaden dota

Kaden is built up to be an incredible Dragon Knight, but words can only build up a man so much. In the fourth episode of Book 1 “The Monster At The End Of This Book,” Kaden is introduced when Davion, Mirana and Marci find themselves at Dragon Hold, a Dragon Knight fortress in the mountains. When Kaden learns of Davion’s struggles and connection with Slyrak, he goes to extreme measures to try and separate the two.

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Once he encourages Slyrak to emerge, the two engage in an intense fight, with Mirana and friends initially trying to help Davion. Kaden and Slyrak eventually take it to the skies, giving the Dragon Knight a chance to show off his equipment gained from years of slaying dragons.

6 Davion Unleashes His New Form On A Gang Of Bandits

Davion fighting bandits in DOTA: Dragon's Blood

In the second episode of Book 1, Davion is confronted by friends of the bandits that he is alleged to have slaughtered following his fateful encounter with Slyrak and Terrorblade. Davion refuses to back down from a fight, facing the gang of bandits all by himself, and subsequently suffering a beating for his troubles from him.

Marci and Mirana suddenly offer assistance from afar with ranged support and this prompts Davion to engage his humanoid Slyrak form for the first visible time in the series. It turns into a decimation as the demonic version of Davion rips everyone apart until he calms down and is taken away by Mirana and Marci.

5 The Elves Rebel Against Mirana & Luna

Dota: Dragon's Blood Moon

The final episode of Book 1 “A Game Of Chess” is an intense finale to the first season of DOTA: Dragon’s Bloodbut for a brief moment it seems like a peaceful farewell as Davion and Fymryn leave Mirana in the supposed safe hands of Luna and her soldiers.

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When Luna and Mirana see the box of the lotuses opening, chaos begins to ensue as a trap has been sprung, blocking the Dark Moon’s power. The elves take this opportunity to rebel and a gritty fight ensues. Davion even returns to help out in his humanoid dragon form, but Fymryn instead opts to take revenge on Luna for murdering her pod de ella.

4 Kashurra Eliminates The Slayer For “Overstepping”

Dota: Dragon's Blood Lina

The reveal of Viceroy Kashurra being so much more than he lets on happens in the penultimate episode of Book 2 “The Violet Hour,” when he confronts Lina. The new emperor Lina quickly learns of Kashurra’s possession of the Dawn Star and a frantic fight ensues.

Kashurra holds off on revealing his true form and power, making surprisingly quick work of the Slayer, who has already been established as a formidable fighter, with the aftermath of their fight being shown later, as Lina’s body is slumped motionless in the throne. This shocking revelation perfectly sets up the final episode of Book 2, without revealing too much or going too crazy with the action.

3 Kaden & Slyrak Team Up To Fight Kashurra

Kashurra Byssrak Dota Dragon's Blood

With Auroth down, Kaden arrives on the scene to join the fray as the heroes face off against a rampaging Kashurra. Davion pleads with Slyrak to use his full power from him to take over and fight in his stead, which Slyrak agrees. Kaden and Slyrak call a temporary truce as they both storm forward to face off against Kashurra.

This is the first real time that Kaden’s mortal weaknesses are exposed, as he is unable to do too much damage to Kashurra, but working together with Slyrak helps them keep him busy for a while.

two Terrorblade Instigates A Full Dragon Invasion Of Dragon Hold

“My Sword, My Life” sees Terrorblade inciting and controlling a swarm of dragons that decimate Dragon Hold. Only Davion, Bram, Kaden, and Fymryn escape with their lives, despite Terrorblade’s best efforts to break them all both mentally and physically.

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Kaden once again shows off his incredible fighting prowess, even working well with Davion in the process, and Bram gets an unofficial promotion to Dragon Knight amidst the melee. It is a frantic episode as they try to escape, with them eventually being rescued and taken to safety by Rylai and Auroth.

1 The Final Moments Of the Battle Against Kashurra Awaken Mirana’s True Powers

Marci attacking in Dota: Dragon's Blood

Having dealt with Auroth, Bram, Kaden, and Slyrak in the final battle, Kashurra turns his attention to Mirana. He sweeps Asar to one side, deciding not to kill him, and then easily deals with some feeble arrows from Mirana, swatting them aside and binding her with his darkness from her. After a brief story-time interval, Marci and Sagan engage Kashurra, and with Marci drawing power from Mirana, she is even able to land a flurry of hits on the Viceroy.

For the first time this episode, Kashurra appears to be taking damage until he proceeds to bind Marci and to the shock of Dragon’s Blood fans, kill her. This trauma leads Mirana to unleash her true power from her, destroying Kashurra in the process, with Lara Pulver’s emotional voice acting being in full flow.

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