You’ve Got Mail: The 8 Most Romantic Quotes

Nora Ephron’s 1998 romantic comedy You’ve Got Mail holds significant importance in popular culture. It boasts iconic New York filming locations, vibrant fall colors, and a thought-provoking screenplay. Viewers also adore the nostalgic dial-up sounds of the nascent internet age and Kathleen Kelly’s idealism from the movie.

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Although You’ve Got Mail is about Joe Fox and Kathleen Kelly’s venture into the world of online dating in the bygone internet era, it holds up in the modern digital age as well. Fans attribute the movie’s timelessness to the romance quotes that convey just how well-written and heartwarming it really is.

8 Joe’s Love Language

“I Would Send You A Bouquet Of Newly Sharpened Pencils If I Knew Your Name And Address.”

Joe Fox and his dog in front of his computer in You've Got Mail

You’ve Got Mail opens with Joe and Kathleen exchanging their routine emails. They turn on their computers and wait impatiently as the server connects.

As Joe (screen name “NY152”) and Kathleen (screen name “Shopgirl”) read each other’s emails, viewers learn that they met in an online chat room. Joe / NY152 talks about his dog, Brinkley and New York in the fall. He lovingly tells Shopgirl he’d send her a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils if he knew her name or address. This lovely quote is since considered among the classic and one of the best Nora Ephron movie quotes, overall. Fans think it’s endearing and so original to hear a person say that they’d go through the trouble of making a bouquet of pencils for someone they are beginning to like.

7 Joe’s In Love

“…I’d Be Crazy Not To Turn My Life Upside Down And Marry Her.”

Joe Fox on a wintery evening in NYC from You've Got Mail

Joe finds Kathleen relatable, smart. pleasant, and most of all, a lovely human being with a sharp sense of humor. Minutes before their first meeting, he nervously stands outside Cafe Lalo, an iconic New York You’ve Got Mail location, and talks about Kathleen with his branch manager and best friend, Kevin.

Joe tells Kevin that Shopgirl is the most adorable creature he’s ever been in contact with and that a level of physical attraction is the least important thing to him in the world. It’s romantic how Joe adores Shopgirl and wants their stars to align.


6 Kathleen’s Heartwarming Mail

“I Just Want To Say That All This Nothing Has Meant More To Me Than So Many Somethings.”

Kathleen looks at her laptop in You've Got Mail

When Joe learns that Kathleen (the woman whose book business he’s mercilessly going to crush) is Shopgirl, he decides not to reveal his identity.

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The next day, he has a mail from Shopgirl aka Kathleen who acknowledges the odd features about their online mode of communication. She wants him to know that their sweet nothings de ella have meant more to her than many significant things. The longing in Kathleen’s heart is depicted through her powerful and beautiful words.

5 Kathleen Has A Dream

“But There Is The Dream Of Someone Else.”

Kathleen Kelly in a cafe in You've Got Mail

Kathleen and Joe’s lives are complicated in the beginning but gradually start to straighten out towards the end. Kathleen is falling for NY152 and at the same time is in a relationship with a man named, Frank Navasky.

Though she and her boyfriend are so similar in their approach, she would much rather be with NY152 than him. They lack that spark and so when it’s time to break up, Kathleen tells Frank she dreams about being with someone else. Fans can tell by the look in her eyes of her and the warmth in her words of her that she is head over heels in love with NY152.

4 Joe’s Deepest Wish

“…Oh, How About Some Coffee Or, You Know, Drinks Or Dinner Or A Movie For As Long As We Both Shall Live?”

Kathleen Kelly and Joe Fox in NYC in You've Got Mail

Shortly before the climax, Joe finally decides to tell Kathleen how he feels about her. On the other hand, she is still unaware that her online persona is NY152. Joe begins to build a friendship with her, and she no longer thinks of him as the worst person in the world.

Joe decides to tell Kathleen how he really feels about her, without revealing anything about his online identity. He tells her if it wasn’t for their professional rivalry things would have been so different for them. Joe may not be as eloquent as Kathleen, but he stole the show with that romantic proposal of his.

3 Joe Knows They Belong Together

“And You And I Would Have Never Been At War. And The Only Thing We’d Fight About Would Be Which Video To Rent On A Saturday Night.”

Kathleen Kelly and Joe on the street in You've Got Mail

Although Kathleen tries to stop Joe before he can even finish the rest of his sentence, he says what’s inside his heart.

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Joe’s romantic proposal continues with him saying if they didn’t clash professionally, they would live in an idyllic setting. Like most loved-up couples in the world, Joe thinks he and Kathleen would have fought on silly things. His words from him cast a spell on Kathleen (and the viewers) and for the first time, she regrets their complicated situation.

two Kathleen Thinks They Have The Same Taste

“Who Fights About That?”

Joe and Kathleen walking down the street in You've Got Mail

This classic Kathleen-Joe exchange of words ensures You’ve Got Mail finds a perpetual place in the timeless cozy rom-com watchlist. Kathleen knows she and Joe are meant for each other but she’s torn between her liking her for NY152 and him. She knows their timing is off, and the circumstances are weird. At this point, she’s minutes away from knowing the truth that NY152 is, in fact, Joe.

Kathleen gets teary-eyed after Joe paints an idyllic the-one-that-could-have-been picture for them. Her quote from Ella proves that they have built a great foundation for a healthy relationship.

1 Kathleen Says What’s In Her Heart

“I Wanted It To Be You. I Wanted It To Be You So Badly.”

Joe and Kathleen look into each others eyes in You've Got Mail

Kathleen isn’t surprised or angry to find the truth about Joe. Viewers note that she’s thrilled and at peace especially after she reiterates she wanted Joe and NY152 to be the same person.

Kathleen’s words emphasize she has been in love with different sides of Joe’s personality. This relatable You’ve Got Mail quote is beloved by viewers who root for them to find a happy ever after.

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