10 Superheroes Only Marvel Comics Fans Know Are Avengers Members

Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe watched The Avengers become the world’s greatest superhero team over the first 20 movies of the franchise. The squad in the movies also featured most of the core members from the comics and even had them associate with other comic book members in Black Panther and Spider-Man.

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However, in Marvel Comics, there have been countless characters who were apart of The Avengers. At times, comic readers joke that Marvel will just add the fan favorites in the company to help sell more copies. There are also several Avengers that MCU fans have gotten to know, but might have no idea that they were a part of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in the comics.



Wolverine fighting.

Wolverine is a pop culture icon. In the world of Fox’s Marvel movies, Wolverine was the most popular member of the X-Men and is one of the best-known mutants in Marvel history. In the comics, it is the same thing, as Wolverine is a mutant before he is anything else.

However, Wolverine is an X-Men who has also been an Avengers member on more than one occasion. Not only was Wolverine a member of the Avengers, but in the best-selling Avengers vs. X-Men comic book series, Wolverine sided with The Avengers against his fellow mutants.


Sersi as part of Black Knight's Avengers team.

In 2021, MCU fans met the Eternals. That group had been on Earth for centuries but had mostly remained out of any major conflict in recent times. One of the members of this group was Sersi, the main protagonist of the movie, and she was at one time in The Avengers in the comics.

In the ’90s, there was an Avengers team that consisted of very few core members, with Black Knight as the team leader, and he was in a relationship with Sersi at that time. It eventually brought The Avengers into conflict with the Eternals.

maya lopez

Maya Lopez becoming Phoenix.

MCU fans met Maya Lopez in the Disney+ series hawk eye. In the show, she was the leader of the Tracksuit Mafia and a villain for most of the episodes. However, when she learned Kingpin had betrayed her and killed her father, she became an antihero in the end.

Maya was similar in the comics, but in the last year, she became so much more. Maya became the new host for the Phoenix Force, and when she took on that role, she joined The Avengers as they try to help her learn to control the cosmic being.

Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider getting into his car.

One Avengers member that might surprise a lot of non-comic book readers is Ghost Rider. It is important to understand that this is not the Johnny Blaze version of Ghost Rider that fans saw in the Nicolas Cage movies.

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Instead, this is the Robbie Reyes version that Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. introduced to TV fans. Reyes is a youngster who uses a flaming car instead of a motorcycle and is a current member of The Avengers in the comic books.

Moon Knight

Moon Knight backing up Steve Rogers and Black Widow.

MCU fans will finally meet Moon Knight in the next Disney+ series. In the comics, Moon Knight has taken on several different personalities, from a mercenary named Marc Spector, to a millionaire named Steven Grant, to a cab driver named Jake Lockley, to his most recent identity as Mr. Knight.

This made him a wildcard member of The Avengers. He worked with Captain America in the Secret Avengers and he is currently forced to see a therapist by order of The Avengers after their latest confrontation involving the moon god Khonshu and Mephisto.


Cable preparing for battle.

Cable showed up in the Marvel timeline as a mutant from an apocalyptic future where most mutants were dead or hunted, and his goal was to kill the so-called Mutant Messiah. When he finally gave up that quest, he worked with the X-Men and led X-Factor.

Movie fans met Cable in Dead Pool 2, and know him mostly from the world of mutants. However, Cable also worked as a member of The Avengers as part of their Unity Division, which existed to help mutants and humans unite for the greater good.

Miles Morales

Miles Morales swinging through the skies.

Spider-Man has been an on-again-off-again member of The Avengers for many years. Even in the MCU, Spider-Man helped the team battle Thanos and was almost invited to become an official member by Iron Man.

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In the comics, he wasn’t the only Wall-Crawler to join The Avengers. Miles Morales was also a member of The Avengers as a teenager. He joined the team, alongside fellow teen heroes Ms. Marvel and Nova, and they worked with the veterans until all three teens quit to focus more on helping people on the streets rather than fight global threats.


Beast and Wolverine standing with the X-Men.

While Wolverine has been with The Avengers more than almost any other mutant in Marvel Comics history, he wasn’t the first mutant to join Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. That role was reserved for Quicksilver, who was a member for a short time before The Beast became the most recognizable mutant on the team.

Beast was an original X-Men member and he was a long-time member of The Avengers. He felt that he could help humans accept mutants by working with The Avengers and was a teammate for several years before going back to the X-teams.


Venom swinging through the city.

Venom has gone through some major changes since he first appeared in Spider-Man comics. Eddie Brock was the first Venom and he was one of Spider-Man’s most powerful villains. However, the only thing that made him a bad guy was wanting to kill Spider-Man.

Later, Flash Thompson took on the role of Agent Venom with the same symbiote, and he joined The Avengers as an official member. Since he worked for the military, he was accepted by the government onto the team, where he served until he lost the symbiote back to Eddie.


Blade wearing a sheriff badge in Avengers comics.

One of the most unusual members of The Avengers in recent years is Blade. The vampire hunter chose to join Earth’s Mightiest Heroes as a way to stop monsters with a little help from some powerful people. He actually started out in disguise as Ronin, Hawkeye’s old persona.

Blade is now a member of The Avengers as himself and has been part of some creative storylines, including a story arc where The Avengers had to stop Dracula and eventually named Blade the new sheriff of Transylvania to keep the peace amongst the vampires there.

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