5 Worst Disney Sequels (& 5 That Are Actually Okay)

When the audience falls in love with a film, it’s easy to understand how they can want more. In a multitude of stories, viewers wish to know what happens next and how their favorite characters will act on other adventures.

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However, sometimes a sequel doesn’t stand up to the stories that the audience has spent years imagining for their favorite characters. when it comes to Disney films, churning out sequels in order to reap the profits isn’t always the best idea. Over time, there have been a great many terrible Disney sequels, but fortunately, some favorites have withstood the test of time.

10 The Rescuers Down Under Was The First Disney Sequel (Good)

Disney's The Rescuers Down Under.

This was the very first Disney sequel ever made, and it was the perfect continuation from the original. in the first Rescuers film, Bernard was merely the janitor of the Rescue Aid Society, and Bianca, while respected, was little more than a pretty face to other members of the club. However, the sequel makes it clear that they have been on a great many adventures together and that they are now the best agents of the RAS Most Disney sequels tend to provide a weaker, less fleshed-out villain, but this film didn’t; McLeach is intimidating and dangerous, much like Medusa was, though he’s much more willing to get his hands dirty. This film truly complimented its predecessor.

9 Cinderella 2 Didn’t Have A Cohesive Plot (Bad)

where cinderella was the classic fairytale that viewers still love, Cinderella 2: Dreams Come True was a straight-to-video nightmare filled with lazy writing and even lazier animation that ignored the intricate details of the first film. Instead of following one cohesive plot, the film is split into three stories, the worst of which is a tale of how Jaq the mouse is turned into a grotesquery of a human. If the Fairy Godmother’s magic had limitations about making a dress and shoes for Cinderella, how is it that she can turn Jaq human indefinitely unless he wishes to be turned back to normal? The plots of the film make little sense in this money-seeking nightmare.

8 The Lion King 2 Continued The Story (Good)

Simba’s Pride was a delightful return to Pride Rock, following the adventures of Simba’s daughter, Kiara, and Scar’s adopted successor, Kovu. It manages to pay homage to its predecessor The Lion King, acknowledging that during Scar’s long reign, he had a great many like-minded followers whom Simba found himself at war with. Where the first film was based on Hamletthe sequel was based on romeo and juliet, keeping up with Shakespear’s themes. The film is a respectful and dedicated continuation of the original story with a great many memorable songs that help the plot along.

7 Atlantis 2 Mashed Up Cultures (Bad)

atlantis 2

Atlantis: Milo’s Return splits its story into three segments, which all center on Kida’s search for ancient Atlantian war machines left in the outside world. The film rushes to ungracefully mash-up Atlantean mythology, Norse mythology, and Native American history, never developing any of them and instead creating a boring conglomeration of all three. While the first film was somewhat grounded in reality, having Milo struggle to get his research into Atlantis recognized in his somber war-torn reality above, the sequel disregards this entirely and instead throws in magic and spirits that disrupt the world around them. This is not a sequel worthy of the original, and it’s best forgotten.

6 The Tigger Movie Is A Heartfelt Classic (Good)

the tigger movie poster

Although there are a great many Disney films about winnie the poohits first feature-length sequel was The Tigger Movie. It is a story of hope and love that proves that friends are the family we choose for ourselves. This is the first film to feature the Sherman brothers as music writers since their departure from Disney in 1971, and as such the music of this film is a wonderfully reminiscent callback to the older films, paying homage to them in its own respects.

5 The Hunchback of Notre Dame 2 Abandoned Its Origins (Bad)

the hunchback of notre dame 2 family

The Hunchback of Notre Dame was a classic, providing enchanting animation that perfectly recreated the intricate architecture of Notre Dame, unforgettable music that acts as an insightful commentary on each character’s values, and creative writing that allowed children to safely scratch the surface of the dark Victor Hugo novel. It’s safe to say that it is one of the Disney films that will never be forgotten, so when the sequel came out in 2002, it had a lot to live up to.

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However, the film was disappointing at best. The animation lacked any quality in a clear attempt for the studio to save money, the songs were bland and uncreative, leaning more towards cheap pop music, and the writing and general plot was dull, following a talentless robber Sarousch instead of leaning towards the original themes of the first film. In every way possible, this film failed to hit the mark.

4 Mary Poppins Returns Was Underrated (Good)

mary poppins returns poster

Mary Poppins Returns kept in line with the first film, following the same formula, whilst still managing to provide an original plot of its own. With many fun references to the first film that came out 54 years prior, this sequel allowed older viewers nostalgic comfort and gave younger viewers something to look forward to in going back to the original film. It was delightful to see Jane and Michael following in their parent’s footsteps with Michael working at the bank, and Jane protesting for workers’ rights.

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The film continued to impress with musical numbers from Lin-Manuel Miranda, cameo appearances from old Disney actors such as Angela Lansbury, and even an appearance from Dick Van Dyke himself. When provided four choices of dances for the film, Van Dyke chose the hardest of the four, showing that he still has a lot to give, no matter what the role. Mary Poppins Returns was an underrated sequel, unappreciated in its time.

3 Kronk’s New Groove Was Awful Storytelling (Bad)

kronks new groove poster

When the original plot failed to impress target audiences, The Emporer’s New Groove had to be hastily rewritten which allowed the writers to explore new jokes and the artists to explore their animation. Although the final product was rushed, it was a hit, with fresh humor and a zany plot.

The sequel, on the other hand, was a bland commentary on what happened afterward. Although Kronk is one of the funniest characters of the original, the writers seemed to forget who he was in this disaster of a film where his only goal in life is to get a thumbs up from his father. This is one of the most unmemorable sequels to date.

two An Extremely Goofy Movie Didn’t Forget Its Roots (Good)

an extremely goofy movie poster

An Extremely Goofy Movie is quite possibly the only film of its kind in regards to showing how the original Disney characters of the Mickey Mouse gang can and did grow up. While the first film was a wonderful tale about father and son bonding on their trip across the country, trying to understand one another across a generational gap, this one follows the tale of Max trying to grow up and be independent, but Goofy is unable to let go of him. Yet, instead of driving a wedge between the two, the film respectfully follows the themes of the first, allowing the audience to feel safe in the thoughts that family can overcome anything and will always be there for each other.

1 Ralph Breaks The Internet Couldn’t Keep Up (Bad)

ralph breaks the internet

No film should ever base itself on internet culture. It moves too fast for filmmakers to keep up with, so by the time the film does come out, it’s usually full of outdated jokes and references that only make the viewers cringe. Ralph Breaks the Internet is no different, leaving no room for character development or decent writing as it struggles to cram in as much product placement as it can in a bid to fund mindless consumerism. Where the first film had heart, this film has none, trading good writing to make a quick bit of cash.

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