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Colorful makeup, elaborate outfits and countless TikTok trends, HBO’s “Euphoria” has got us all questioning whether we should keep wearing our Patagonia sweatshirts and sweats to class for the third time this week.

After almost three years since the first season aired to massive acclaim, the highly anticipated second season finally dropped in January. For the eight weeks it aired, it stayed at the top of conversation in every venue imaginable.

When I would tune in each week, the two I was most excited to see would definitely have to be Fexi, also known as Fezco and Lexi. Getting to learn more about their personal background and see the progression of their friendship is probably what season 2 did the best. Lexi’s play was better than I could imagine, and the locker room scene that called out Nate was gold. I could not go another season without Nate being humbled, so I am forever grateful to her.

Zendaya and Sydney Sweeney also really stood out to me for their performances this season. Zendaya just continues to amaze me every episode, just when I think she can’t get any better. On the other hand, Sweeney completely surprised me this season. Her character de ella pursued a storyline I do not think any of us saw coming, and she fully committed to it, like I was legitimately worried for Cassie’s sanity de ella.

Even though I can admire Sweeney’s performance, I overall did not enjoy the Cassie and Nate storyline. It came out of nowhere, as they had almost zero interaction last season. I hate how it resulted in Cassie completely turning her back on Maddy, her best friend, for a guy. Yawn, the best friends fighting over a boyfriend plot is old and boring.

This seemingly random storyline is rumored to have not been in the original script. Apparently, the original script saw a relationship being pursued between Nate and Jules, which would make much more sense since it would build off of what happened between the two last seasons. However, fans noticed that Hunter Schafer unfollowed Jacob Elordi on Instagram, so many speculate that the two had fallen out and refused to work together, therefore their relationship had to be written out of the show. This is all based on rumors but it does offer an explanation as to why Nate and Cassie got together out of the blue and there was virtually no screen time between Nate and Jules.

I was also disappointed to see so many characters from last season essentially written out of this season. McKay was only in a scene in the first episode, despite being a main character last season. After Jules told Rue’s mom about her drug use, she practically disappeared from the show after. Kat went from a main character who underwent all this development last season, to being reduced to a side character who would just make occasional comments when hanging out with Maddy. It was disappointing to see these characters who we were invested in, and then nothing happened.

Arguably what plagued this season the most was the controversy surrounding the show’s creator Sam Levinson. Supposedly, Sweeney was supposed to have even more nude scenes this season, but Sweeney confronted Levinson on why nudity was necessary for her character in those scenes. Barbie Ferreira’s extreme reduction in screen time is said to be due to her falling out of her with Levinson, who seemingly punished her through her character of her.

Overall, I still very much enjoyed season 2 of “Euphoria.” I would rush to watch the new episode the second it came out. However, I felt like the season could have been even better if it wasn’t held back by issues and drama that took place behind the scenes, that did bleed on-screen. Whenever we get a season 3, I hope we can see more elements of season 1 that we loved, and maybe a shorter guitar scene (sorry Dominic Fike).

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