Harley Quinn’s Most Underrated Costumes All Came From One Comic

While Harley Quinn is best known for her jester suit and newer outfits, she had some really fun homemade looks in one of DC’s YA graphic novels.

of the many harley quinn costume has had, a few excellent looks may have passed under fans’ radars. Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass features two intriguing looks that didn’t garner as much attention as her other looks within the main line of DC Comics. This young adult graphic novel allows the Mistress of Mayhem to design her own outfits for her.

Harley is best known for her harlequin jumpsuit, as well as her later pink and blue combinations from comics in recent years. Despite being a newer character compared to many of DC’s other heroines and villains, she has become a fashion icon that is easily recognizable. Harley has inspired numerous cosplays and apparel items, but fans may be less familiar with two of her outfits which follow her usual theme.


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Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass has the creative team of Mariko Tamaki and Steve Pugh. This 2019 graphic novel from DC Ink changes Harley’s origin de ella by giving her a new life in Gotham during her teen years. While on her own de ella, she is adopted by a community of drag queens who look after her and help inspire her to protect her community de ella. To hide her identity from her while engaging in revenge, Harley dons some homemade outfits which are surprisingly on point for her despite not being her usual attire from her.

Harley’s first costume pairs jeans with a striped top. The top has large blossoming sleeves and she places a jester collar over top it. She wears her hair in traditional pigtails, but instead of a mask, she has diamond-patterned makeup covering her upper face. She pairs this off with a bat, picking up one of her signature weapons from her. This outfit is not only perfectly on point with her de ella theme, it is also a very easy outfit to put together. It marks the beginning of her evening activities on Gotham’s streets in this new iteration of her journey, without losing the core of who she is visually.

Later in this graphic novel, Harley puts together another outfit for herself which bears some resemblance to her classic jumpsuit. She wears a red and black jumpsuit with diamonds patterned over it. This is paired with fluffy sleeves matching her color scheme. She keeps the jester collar overlay, while adding a mask painted with the same iconic diamond motif. This gives her a more permanent version of her initial makeup. Harley’s outfits in this graphic novel were designed and created by her in her teen years, making her theme de ella truly hers. It is not reliant on the Joker being a clown or any influence on her from him. Harley simply loves clowns and the harlequin look, choosing it for herself and making it her own.

While these two costumes may not be part of Harley Quinn’s usual wardrobe, they channel her person beautifully.

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