How Iron Man, Captain America and Thor Rebuilt Marvel’s Trinity

The heart of the Avengers has always been three major heroes: Captain America, Iron Man and Thor. For a while, however, these Marvel paragons were deeply divided, taking years to reunite. It wasn’t until one fateful Asgardian mission that Marvel’s Trinity finally reassembled.

The events of “Avengers: Disassembled” destroyed Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, along with its core members. Thor ended the cycle of Ragnarok once and for all, permanently dying with his fellow Asgardians. The Thunder God’s death left only Cap and Iron Man to start the New Avengers, although their alliance didn’t last much longer. “Civil War” created a massive rift between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark, worsened by Cap’s assassination. Later, Thor returned — although he was extremely upset with Iron Man. Tony used Thor’s DNA to clone The Son of Odin against his knowledge of him. This clone killed Bill Foster, aka Goliath. By the time Cap, Iron Man and Thor reunited during “Siege,” the Avengers needed to undergo a serious healing process. That healing process began in avengers primea five-issue limited series by Brian Michael Bendis and Alan Davis.

The story began in the aftermath of Asgard’s destruction. While the Avengers planned to rebuild Asgard, tensions remained high between Steve and Tony. While the two fought, Thor discovered a damaged portal that connected the nine realms.

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This portal took all three Avengers through, sending each one to a different location. Iron Man arrived in a vast field with no power left in his armor, captured by ogres. Steve emerged in the woods, where he confronted a group of Dark Elves. Thor, meanwhile, landed in a desolate Vanaheim, where he was confronted by The Enchantress and her magical army. Apparently, Amora was working for Hela, the Goddess of Death.

Hela revealed that, by bringing Asgard to Earth, Thor disrupted all of the nine realms, which were bleeding into each other. The Goddess of Death decided to reshape the realms in her image of her. While Thor fought Hela, Tony was captured by Fafnir the Dragon, and Steve fell in love with an elf woman named Mageth. After getting patched up by Mageth, Steve rescued Tony from Fafnir and the two rode off to discover an unconscious Thor.

Hela had beaten the Thunder God and taken his hammer. After recovering at Mageth’s house, the Avengers bonded around a campfire. Marvel’s Trinity reminisced about their glory days on the Avengers, reconnecting at last. Afterward, the Avengers teamed up with Fafnir and an army of mythical creatures to fight Hela. The Goddess of Death held the all-powerful Twilight Sword, attempting to use it to reshape the nine realms.

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Cap and Iron Man fought Hela’s army of the undead, while Thor took on Hela herself. The Enchantress also betrayed Hela, siding with the heroes. After defeating Hela, Thor used the Twilight Sword to repair the nine realms. The Enchantress then teleported the Avengers back to Earth. Once there, Steve and Tony finally made up, while Thor embraced his two comrades-in-arms from him. Together again, the Avengers headed out towards a bright future.

ever since avengers prime, Marvel’s Trinity has generally stuck together. Indeed, the Avengers finally reformed, and the team has rarely been without some variation of Captain America, Iron Man and Thor among their ranks. The long-lasting alliance between these three heroes illustrates the great impact of Avengers: Prime. After years apart, the core Avengers were finally reassembled for good.

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