Kid Cudi cast in Brittany Snow-directed film September 17th

Kid Cudi at SXSW

Kid Cudi at SXSW
photo: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for Variety (Getty Images)

Brittany Snow and Scott Mescudi, also known by his stage name Kid Cudiare teaming up again—just before their first film together, Ti West’s X, even hits theaters. While discussing X at SXSW this weekend, the two co-stars revealed to Variety that Cudi had been cast in Snow’s new film, September 17th.

“I can’t really speak to it too much, except that Scott’s doing a part in the movie, so that’s cool,” Snow said.

“I couldn’t believe that she wanted me in it,” Cudi said. “She had told me about the movie while we were on set. [for X], but she never asked me to be in it. I was like, ‘Maybe she’s waiting to see how [X] turns out.’ It’s gonna be awesome. Really great script.”

Beyond casting Cudi, the pitch-perfect actress also emphasized how watching X director Ti West work prepared her for her first feature-length directorial job.

“I was watching you [West, director of X] a lot during filming of this,” Snow said. “And I think that something that I learned from him that I’ll take with me is the specificity of knowing the through line of what you want, and being really strong and clear in your convictions of it. I like to play around on set, but it lends itself really nicely when you know that your director has a complete handle on exactly what they want. I hope I can live up to what everyone else has been doing.”

Known for his genre-blending albums Man On The Moon: The End Of Day, Man On The Moon III: The Chosen, and the Kanye West collaboration Kids See GhostsCudi first got major recognition for his debut single “Day ‘n’ Nite” (which have been remixed for Marvel’s Moon Knight trailer). Kid Cudi has acting credits from Entourage, We Are Who We Areand need for speedand his most recent role in Don’t Look Up had him taking on a satirized version of his musician persona.

September 17th follows Riley, a woman recently discharged from a rehab center after struggling with food and body image issues. yesoon after, she meets Ethan and she finds herself navigating the line between unconditional love and new addiction. Having co-written the screenplay with Becca Gleason, Snow will also direct the film. snow previously directed and wrote the short film Milkshake.

Coming on to produce September 17th will be Jordan Yale Levine (Becky) and Jordan Beckerman (I Used To Go Here), along with Lizzie Shapiro (shiva baby). Executive producers include Nick Donnermeyer, Michael Rothstein, Jesse Korman and Jeffrey Tussi.


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