Logan: How Old is Wolverine in X-Men Comics and Movies?

Of all the characters on the X-Men, one of the biggest fan-favorite mutant superheroes is Wolverine. With an accelerated healing factor, Wolverine has lived far beyond a typical lifespan, a trait and history that has been replicated into many different adaptations of the franchise, including the Fox films with Hugh Jackman in the role. Here’s a quick overview of Wolverine’s differing age in the comic books and films and what this may entail for the different future versions of the character that were introduced cinematically.

How Old Is Wolverine in the Marvel Universe?

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The comic book version of Wolverine is born James Howlett in the late 1880s to John and Elizabeth Howlett on their vast estate in northern Alberta, Canada. It is later revealed that James is actually the illegitimate son of the Howletts’ groundskeeper Thomas Logan. Fired by his employers, a drunk Thomas kills John before James reveals his mutant bone claws for the first time and kills his biological father of him. Shocked by the bloody turn of events, Elizabeth commits suicide while James runs into the Canadian wilderness with his childhood friend Rose.

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After taking on the name Logan as he grows up in the Yukon and becomes embroiled in many important historical events, including fighting in both World Wars, alongside Captain America and Black Widow. Years later, Logan is experimented on by the Weapon X program, giving him his indestructible adamantium-laced skeleton and claws at the expense of his memories of him. Long after this, Wolverine joins the X-Men at Professor X’s request to help save his captured team from Krakoa. Assuming Wolverine was born around 1888, this would make him approximately 130 years old at the time.

How Old Is Wolverine In The Movies?

Jackman’s cinematic Wolverine is even older than his comic book counterpart, with the prologue of X-Men Origins: Wolverine revealing him to be born in 1832 and first learning of his mutant powers in 1845 after he kills Thomas Logan. Alongside his half-brother of him Victor Creed, who would eventually become the villainous Sabretooth, the two are seen fighting in the American Civil War, both World Wars and in Vietnam. In the interim, Logan is glimpsed in 1962 during X-Men: First Class, technically at the age of 130 years old. In the final days of the Vietnam War, the two are recruited by William Stryker into his black ops outfit Team X before Logan quits due to the team’s disregard for human life.

Before linking up with Weapon X to gain his adamantium-laced skeleton and claws, Logan is possessed by himself from an alternate future in 1973 to change history during the events of Days of Future Past; his body of him is 141 years old at the time. In the original timeline, Logan went into Weapon X six years after quitting Team X but, in the altered time seen in apocalypse, he enters Weapon X in 1983 before he is freed by Jean Grey; he is 151 years old. Wolverine first meets the X-Men officially in 2000, at the ripe age of 167.

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How Old Is Wolverine In the Alternate Cinematic Future?

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Before the revisions to reality and the timeline caused by Days of the Future PastWolverine returned to Weapon X in X Men United in 2003, making him 171. Wolverine would later face off against Magneto and Dark Phoenix during The Last Stand in 2006, at the age of 174. Haunted by the death of Jean Grey, Wolverine temporarily leaves the X-Men before returning to Japan in 2014’s wolverineat the age of 182.

The apocalyptic future of Days of Future Past is set in 2023, making Wolverine 191, finally showing signs of his advanced age with gray streaks in his hair. After changing history in 1973, this timeline is altered but an epilogue shows Wolverine still serving as an instructor alongside the X-Men, his graying hair still visible. Given its tangential status to the rest of the X-Men films, it is unclear what part of Wolverine’s past is still applicable in Logan but — given the film’s release in 2017 — it can be assumed that Wolverine is approximately 185 years old if his original cinematic birthdate still holds though much more at a worse for wear, with a significantly diminished healing factor, malfunctioning claws and much grayer hair and beard.

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