Which Pulp Fiction Character Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Widely regarded as Quentin Tarantino’s chef-d’oeuvre, pulp fiction distinguishes itself from other movies of its kind by using a non-linear narrative and diving deep into pastiche. The characters are very intriguing too and it’s no surprise that Uma Thurman, Samuel L. Jackson, and John Travolta all got Oscar nods.

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Even though most of the characters are linked to the Los Angeles underground scene, they are very relatable. There is the stubborn colleague, the lovebirds that make everyone else jealous, and the Mr. Intelligent who can fix problems within minutes. And while audiences can relate to the characters by watching them, it’s easier to find similarities using the 12 zodiac signs.


Aries – Vincent Vega

Ordinarily, people under the Aries constellation are confident, passionate, and courageous. They aren’t without their glaring flaws as they can be short-tempered, impulsive, and stubborn. Such traits can be seen in the hitman Vincent Vega.

Vincent is courageous enough to flirt with Mia, the wife of his boss. He does that despite having heard the rumor that Marsellus once threw a man out of the window for massaging Mia’s feet. He also makes himself a contender for 0ne of the most impulsive moments in movies when he shoots an associate inside a car. This results in the tedious task of trying to get rid of the body, and even then, he still proves stubborn by demanding that the professional “cleaner” says “please” after every request.

Taurus – Fabienne

Fabienne flees with Butch in Pulp Fiction

Tauruses are known for their kindness, patience, and practicality. But they can also be naïve. Such is the case with Butch’s wife, Fabienne.

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Fabienne is depicted as a supportive wife to Butch. She is happy to go on the run with him and when he sets them up at a hotel. she gladly stays there. Interestingly, she does not realize just how important Butch’s watch is to him so she leaves it behind at their apartment. It’s a moment that almost leads to an instant divorce.

Gemini – Lance

Lance refuses to answer Vincent's phone in Pulp Fiction

Geminis are social, adaptable, and innovative. Their less desirable side involves them being indecisive, inconsistent, and timid, just like the heroin dealer, Lance.

Most drug dealers presumably sell and walk away but Lance has measures in place to ensure none of his clients die from an overdose. When Vincent brings a convulsing Mia to him, he is able to save her life from her. But he does not appear too sure about working with Vincent, especially, dealing with the hitman’s problems inside his own house.

Cancer – Jules Winnfield

Jules Winnfield aiming a gun in Pulp Fiction.

Cancers have strong willpower. Additionally, they are defined by their boldness, sentimentalism, and tenacity. Negative characteristics that soil their reputation include vindictiveness and moodiness. That’s Jules.

Jules’ determination is best seen when he and Vincent pay Brett and his buddies a visit in order to retrieve Marsellus’ briefcase. Even in high-pressure situations, he remains calm enough to come up with some of the best pulp fiction lines. He does this again when two Bonnie and Clyde wannabes attempt to rob the diner where he is having breakfast. Sadly, Jules does n’t spare anyone that crosses him or his boss.

Leo – Jimmie Dimmick

People who identify with the Leo zodiac are good-hearted. But even though they aren’t known to be malevolent, their decisions reek of self-centeredness. Jimmie fits this description.

Jimmie is such a good friend that he allows Jules and Vincent to bring their dead associate to his garage. He also makes it clear that he loves his wife de ella so much and would never offend her. Interestingly, he cares more about not offending his wife than the fact that a man is actually dead.

Virgo – Winston Wolfe

Harvey Keitel as The Wolf in Pulp Fiction

Wolfe is the stereotypical Virgo. Members of this zodiac are hardworking, practical, and analytical. Sadly, they are the dull Jack type since they rarely have fun.

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Wolfe, a professional ‘cleaner’ is sent by Marsellus to help get rid of the dead body. Inside Jimmie’s house, he appears disinterested in any kind of hospitality. All that matters to him is that Jules and Vincent follow his instructions from him in order for the situation to get handled as quickly as possible. And when the two hitmen head to a diner to unwind after getting the job done, Wolfe says goodbye and goes to attend to other professional matters.

Libra – Ringo

Libras are arguably the most social people. They can be charming and comical too from time to time. Consequently, they make great team players like Ringo. Contrarily, they always have a hard time keeping themselves out of trouble.

Ringo knows how to get others to do his bidding. It’s he that convinces his girlfriend Yolanda that they should rob the diner, leading to one of the most memorable scenes in pulp fiction. He always treats her as an equal partner during their criminal adventures too, something that makes her feel appreciated. But even with all his charm of him, Ringo ca n’t help but make mistakes that land him in trouble. During the diner standoff, he gets too close to Jules, allowing the hitman to turn the tables and hold him at gunpoint.

Scorpio – Jody

Jody argues with Lance over Mia in Pulp Fiction

Scorpios have two standout traits: honesty and assertiveness. Even when the truth hurts, they’ll say it loudly like Jody. On the darker side, they can be very aggressive, controlling, and disagreeable.

Lance’s wife, Jody, is right to protest when Vincent brings an unconscious Mia to their house. She makes it clear to her husband that it’s a bad idea to attend to her right there. However, by refusing to compromise even when a person is at risk of dying, she paints herself as a very disagreeable person.

Sagittarians – Butch Coolidge

Sagittarians are not only energetic but are also quick thinkers. They value their freedom too. Conversely, they are notorious for dark actions and thoughts. Such is the case with the boxer, Butch.

Butch’s energetic nature is what makes him such a great boxer. Regrettably, he doesn’t consider the welfare of his opponents so he ends up accidentally killing one. When he crosses Marsellus, he proves to be one of the smartest pulp fiction characters by quickly figuring out a way to flee. Even when he gets captured by the molesters, he easily figures out a way to escape before coming back to kill them.

Capricorn – Marsellus Wallace

Pulp Fiction Marsellus Wallace

Among all the zodiac signs, the leadership skills of Capricorns are unrivaled. For this reason, they make good bosses. They are logical and proactive too but beneath the decent traits lies a kind of ruthlessness similar to that of Marsellus.

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That he has built one of the biggest crime organizations in Los Angeles, is proof of Marsellus’ great leadership skills. He not only knows how to recruit the best people but also how to solve problems, evident from how he sends Wolfe to take care of the dead body problem. By choosing to forgive Butch for saving him from the molesters, he also proves to be very logical.

Aquarius – Yolanda

Honey Bunny orders customers at a diner to hand over their valuables in Pulp Fiction

Some of the greatest strengths linked to Aquarians possess are progressiveness and spontaneity. They lean more towards liberal than conservative views too. Unfortunately, they can be overly idealistic, rebellious, and pessimistic.

Yolanda’s moment of spontaneity happens when she and Ringo decide to rob a diner where they are having breakfast. She is more than happy to stand on top of tables and threaten everyone. To her, being a robber seems as legitimate a job as any other. But instead of trying to save Ringo when Jules takes control of the situation, she loses all hope.

Pisces – Mia Wallace

Uma Thurman as Mia Wallace in Pulp Fiction

Pisces are majorly known for being eccentric and artistic. They prefer to live peaceful and adventurous lives. Conversely, they can be lazy and weak-willed, with an escapist tendency. That’s how Mia is.

Mia enjoys dancing to unique genres of music. During her ‘date’ de ella with Vincent, she is also shown to have an unusual taste in meals. What’s also clear about Mia is that she is unhappy with her life as a mob wife. For that reason, she tries to mentally escape from that life by having as much fun as possible, even if it means doing drugs and seducing one of her husband’s best hitmen.

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