Ange’s Pizza has been a Whitehall favorite for 70 years

G.A. Benton

When you talk about classic Columbus-style pizzas — the kind often baked in 1950s-launched shops and that feature rectangular-cut thin crusts and provolone — you have to mention Ange’s Pizza.

I discovered there are eight Ange’s Pizzas, though, and they are not created equal. The pizzerias are grouped under two websites that aren’t created equal, either — only one has “online” in its domain.

To resolve my “is this a single chain or what?” Befuddlement, I visited the Ange’s Pizza created longest ago — the vintage Whitehall shop, which opened in the 1950s.

Long story not so short: Six Ange’s Pizzas are bunched under the “angespizzaonline” website; the barely different “angespizza” website lists two separately owned pizzerias that include the sole subject of this review: Ange’s Pizza in Whitehall.

Italian sub and small chef's salad from Ange's Pizza on Yearling Road in Whitehall.

It’s run by John Angeletti, kin of “straight off the boat” Italian immigrant Strino Angeletti who, about 70 years ago, began a family pizza business that would later splinter into separate operations. (Further exploration of this Byzantine story is beyond this article; hopefully, someone will write an opera about it.)

While vintage, the Whitehall Ange’s occupies a dinky and drab brown building. What I encountered inside was considerably more colorful.

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