Love Actually: The 9 Most Romantic Quotes

Richard Curtis’ 2003 rom-com, Love Actually, is touted as a modern classic because of its swoon-worthy romantic lines. The movie begins with the narrator — voiced by actor Hugh Grant — acknowledging that love, actually, is observable all around the world. It graduates from this heartwarming opening monologue and introduces viewers to intricately intertwined storylines – each of which is centered around the idea that love is central to human existence.

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Although Love Actually has several pitfalls, in that, certain plotlines have aged badly, it simply doesn’t take away from the fact that it features some of the most romantic quotes in contemporary cinema.


Sarah’s Confession

“Two Years, Seven Months, Three Days And, I Suppose An Hour And 30 Minutes.”

Sarah sitting in an office in Love Actually

Laura Linney’s Sarah shares a friendly relationship with her boss, Alan Rickman’s Harry. Viewers are let in on Sarah’s “secret love” when Harry calls her into her office and asks her how long she’s worked at the company.

Sarah, who plays an American graphic designer, says she’s been employed there for two years, seven months, three days, and two hours. When Harry follows her answer from her with the question of how long she’s been in love with their co-worker, Karl, she replies with the exact same answer. The truth is, Sarah is has been pining over Karl since she started at the company. Her precious feelings from her are well-expressed by her swoon-worthy reply from her.

Sam Is In Love

“Truth Is Actually I Am In Love.”

Daniel and Sam sitting on a public bench in Love Actually

Thomas Brodie-Sangster plays a schoolboy (Sam) who has lost his mother and is being raised by his step-father, Daniel. He has fallen in love with an American exchange student, named Joanna, but is hopeless about the pursuit.

Since Sam’s mother’s death has created a vacuum in his and Daniel’s relationship, it understandably takes him some time to open up. But when he finally does, Daniel (and the viewers) can’t help but smile widely. Sam’s young love embodies elements of innocence and naivety, as conveyed by his quote above.

Daniel’s Priceless Words

“Tell Her That You Love Her. You’ve Got Nothing To Lose And You’ll Always Regret It If You Don’t.”

Sam talks to Daniel at his school in Love Actually

Sam bonds with Daniel as the movie progresses and is subsequently introduced to the magical world of Kate and Leo from Titanics. He’s also convinced to express his feelings to Joanna before she leaves for the US

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Thanks to Daniel’s crucial advice, Sam manages to catch Joanna and saves himself from regret. Her reaction to her is affirmative, and she gives him a quick peck on the cheek, implying she likes him, too. Daniel’s timeless quote serves as a real-life piece of advice and fans hold it dear to this day. Thanks to him, Sam will always look back and be proud of his decision.

Jamie Loves Driving Aurélia Home

“It’s My Favorite Time Of Day. Driving You.”

Jamie talks to Aurelia in her living room in Love Actually

When Jamie’s girlfriend cheats on him with his brother, he retreats to a French lake house to work on his upcoming novel. What looks like is going to be a lonely holiday time surprisingly turns into the first stage of falling in love. Jamie falls for his Portuguese housekeeper, Aurélia, but the slight problem is that they don’t share a common language.

Fans think the language barrier acts slightly in Jamie’s favor, at first. Because of it, he’s boldly able to say these romantic words to Aurélia’s face de ella, without having to be a nervous wreck. She understands the look of love but there’s still time before the novelist comes knocking at her door.

Jamie’s Proposal

“Beautiful Aurelia, I’ve Come Here With A View Of Asking You To Marry Me.”

Jamie proposes to Aurelia in front of the whole town in Love Actually

Jamie eventually flies back to Marseille to propose to Aurélia. It’s a breathtaking movie moment, by all accounts, when he walks all the way to her workplace and proposes to her in her native language.

Jamie also adds there are no rules to love and sometimes things are so clear that they do not require evidential proof. The biggest takeaway from his proposal from him is that the grand scheme of their love is unique. All it needed for the two of them to be in the same room to realize that. Aurélia’s family is overjoyed and so are the viewers.

Aurélia’s Answer

“Thank you. That will be nice. Yes Is Being My Answer. Easy Question.”

Aurélia talks to Jamie at her restaurant in Love Actually

Watching Jamie and Aurélia fall in love with each other is easily one of the sweetest moments in Love Actually. It’s endearing to watch him speak a bit of Portuguese and her, English just to be able to have that crucial conversation.

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Aurélia’s answer is going to be yes, but she lets Jamie finish. Her charismatic presence and angelic aura of her play a big part in making her lines of her memorable. Fans also think she’s the best supporting character in Love Actually. The fact that Aurélia answers in Jamie’s native language makes this moment more swoon-worthy than it already is.

Natalie’s Christmas Card

“I Am Actually Yours.”

Prime Minister David reads Christmas Cards sitting on his couch in Love Actually

Though Prime Minister David and Natalie’s romance is off to a great start, it only takes the POTUS’ distasteful visit to disrupt it. The POTUS is on a critical state visit to the United Kingdom and crosses paths with Natalie being as she works in the Prime Minister’s housekeeping department.

Unfortunately, Natalie gets caught in an awkward moment with the POTUS and that’s when David walks in on them. He thinks it’s better if she’s redistributed and puts off their conversation until Christmas eve. At the end of Love ActuallyDavid is finally spurred into action by Natalie’s romantic Christmas card. Her words from Ella reassure David and help in clearing major confusion.

Natalie’s Admission

“I Think About You All The Time, Actually.”

Prime Minister sits with Natalie and a kid in an octopus costume in a car in Love Actually

David gets hold of Natalie after conducting a door-to-door search on her street, but the problem is that she lives with her parents. It’s Christmas eve, so of course, he’s going to be greeted by a large crowd of people.

When David and Natalie finally do find peace and quiet, she takes a step forward and talks about the day things went haywire. She conveys the deepest of emotions through her simple sweet words of her, and they are back on track.

Judy Love John

“All I Want For Christmas Is You.”

John and Judy stand outside her doorstep in Love Actually

Judy and John meet while working as professional body doubles on a film set and instantly hit it off. They start having interesting conversations about mundane things and begin to bond.

At the end of a workday, John walks Judy home and she lovingly quotes the hit Mariah Carey number to him. They share a kiss right outside her doorstep and he breaks into a cute little dance afterward. Fans think Judy could n’t have picked a better thing to say to convey her feelings from her to John and it’s one of the most heartwarming quotes in Love Actually.

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