New Black Adam Redefines DC’s Ultimate Antihero in Last Way You Expect

Black Adam is getting a stunning transformation in a new series from DC Comics which will redefine the hero ahead of his DCEU debut.

Warning! spoiler for Black Adam #1 by DC Comics

DC Comics is taking Black Adam in a bold new direction, as the publisher revealed their upcoming plans for the popular antihero. This week, DC announced a new Black Adam series from Christopher Priest (Deathstroke) and Rafa Sandoval (Death of the Justice League) that will see the character undergo a significant transformation like never before ahead of his upcoming live-action appearance in the DCEU.

Black Adam has been at a crossroads as a character in the past couple of years. The antihero has become more popular than ever following the announcement and recent trailer for the Dwayne Johnson Black Adam single film in the DCEU. But, in the comics, Black Adam was taken away from his usual roots as the Ruler of Kahndaq, as he became an unlikely member of the most recent Justice League team. Well, it seems DC Comics is taking Black Adam back to basics while he’s set to undergo a dramatic transformation in the process.


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This week, DC Comics revealed a new Black Adam solo series from Christopher Priest and Rafa Sandoval, which will see Teth-Adam becoming infected with an incurable plague that renders his immortality useless. With the previously unkillable Black Adam dying, he will search for a successor to rule and defend his home of Kahndaq. However, in his search for him, he will be “mystically handcuffed” to his successor, in a transformation that takes Black Adam down an entirely new path. Check out the main cover art for the series by Irwin Rodriguez.

Black Adam New Series

Check out the other covers (in order below) for the series, including variant covers from Mikel Janin, Rafa Sandoval, Travis Mercer and Danny Miki. Crystal Kung has a 1:25 variant, Cully Hamner has a throwback 1:50 variant, and Lucio Parrillo did the cover for the 1:100 foil variant cover.

Black Adam New Series

Black Adam New Series

Black Adam New Series

Black Adam New Series

Check out the Black Adam design from Sandoval, which returns the hero to his more threatening look, as his costume gets some small tweaks.

While Black Adam’s recent time spent with the Justice League was a nice change-of-pace for the antihero, it’s nice to see the character return to his darker roots as the ruler of Kahndaq. However, having Black Adam undergo a serious transformation as he loses his immortality is one hell of a bold direction to take the character. Readers will get a chance to see the new Black Adam when Black Adam #1 by Christopher Priest and Rafa Sandoval arrives in comic book stores on June, 2022.

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