“Nomadic” author with roots in the Sault launches children’s book this summer

Willie Poll describes her life crossing Canada as nomadic and has explored much of the beauty that Canada has to offer, from the West Coast through to the East coast, where she currently resides. Her latest project by Ella is one that she feels very passionate about and attributes her inspiration for her children’s book “Together We Drum, Our Heats Beat as One” with her desire to pass along indigenous teachings to all, especially the next generation.

In an interview, she credits her work experience as an educator working with indigenous populations as well as being an active member of the Métis Nation of Ontario as her impetus for creating this book. The impetus was further strengthened by her personal experiences of ella in indigenous cultures, and working through the violence that has been experienced by so many Indigenous women and children and how it has impacted people that she knows and loves. Poll described her inspiration for the book as coming to her in a dream, and that, upon awakening, she just began writing.

The story is a tale of a determined young Anishnaabe girl in search of adventure. She embarks on a “transformative” journey into the forest on her traditional territory. Once in the forest she is met by a gathering of her ancestors de ella, wearing red dresses. As part of the journey, the girl is challenged by a monster named Hate. She joins her de ella energy and spirit de ella with the support of the matriarchs around her to eventually defeat the monster. An inspirational tale of coming of age and gaining the confidence needed to become a changemaker and move into the future, the heroine emerges from her experiences de ella knowing that she is more than capable of defeating and fending off any “monsters”, in her own way.

The official launch for the book will take place mid-summer, however, you are able to pre-order your copy now. As a former Saultite and one who has a family here still, she plans on celebrating the launch locally, likely in July. SaultOnline will keep you up to date on any scheduled appearances.

Pre-order your copy now by clicking here or by clicking here to order through Amazon.

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