The 5 best text to speech (TTS) for business

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Text to speech technology also known as TTS is one of the widely used technologies in the current marketing and virtual space. As the name suggests, it is an assistive technology that takes in textual words via any digital device and converts them to audio or voiceover to be precise. From its inception days, text to speech voices have evolved drastically. In the initial times, the outputs sounded robotic and in most cases lacked the human touch.

But as a result of combining it with Artificial Intelligence (AI), the final audio outputs are realistic and human-like. In some scenarios, the available customization options also make it difficult to differentiate between an AI voice and a real voice.

Most AI voice generators in the market are mostly built on TTS technology. But they all continue to have the respective differentiators that help them stand out and makes them a business/marketer favorite.

AI text to speech tools or voice generators are widely used in most sectors and segments of the market. In certain sectors such as customer support and e-Learning, it is appropriate to call AI voice generators an integral part too. For instance, using an AI voice tool in your customer support processes can help you have a global reach. The tool’s customization features can help cater to your language and voice needs and accordingly help create content that is relevant and accessible.

In this blog post, we will be covering five of the best AI voice generators for businesses in 2022.


Murf is an online text to speech website that lets you create audio/voiceover outputs in four simple steps. The tool is built for all irrespective of their expertise in the audio production sector. An easy-to-use tool that focuses on enhancing the voiceover quality and making it accessible to all. Murf has understood the needs of different use cases and the effectiveness of the video content type. Murf’s online text to speech tool has cracked the most ideal way to amplify your video content.

Murf allows you to customize voiceovers to reach a global audience. As a brand or company, if you plan to extend your reach and cater to audiences all around the globe, then Murf might just be your ideal choice. From the pitch to emphasis on words, from the voice to the languages ​​used, Murf’s customization abilities are phenomenal.

Apart from the kind of choices available, Murf also lets you upload any existing home recordings and brush them up to create enhanced audio outputs. As an AI voice tool, Murf lets you create large volumes of voice overs at frequent intervals. Apart from the customization abilities, the tool also comes with an integrated grammar assistant that will help brush up your script and avoid silly grammatical errors.


ClipChamp is a tool that focuses on enhancing your videos with the help of voiceovers. The type of voices on ClipChamp are mainly categorized into male, female, and neutral voices. Apart from the large list of languages ​​and voices, the tool also provides you with the opportunity to choose a voice, based on age groups and accents.


With over 100 voices, lets you create engaging voiceovers with the text to speech technology. One of the interesting features offered by is that the tool lets you have commercial and broadcast rights on the created content with no extra fee. As the ideal text to speech technology goes, you can add in your textual script to convert it into appropriate audio outputs. Based on your requirements, try different voices from their repository and create multiple versions until you’re convinced with your final output.

4. Love

Lovo is an online AI voiceover text to speech tool with over eighty thousand creators. If you’re looking to create quick audio outputs and voiceovers then Lovo might just be the option for you. Lovo lets you create high-quality voice overs in about fifteen minutes. The tool updates its voice repository on a monthly basis. Lovo is used by a vast number of creators for different use cases such as explainer videos, audio books, animations, IVR, and marketing to name a few.

5. Resemble.AI

Resemble is one of the most widely used AI voice generators in the market right now. On Resemble, you can import your recorded audio or even a script to polish and create a voiceover. Built on the text to speech technology, this tool stands out as it lets you create your own voice AI. If you want your voice to be the voice of your brand, then Resemble might just be the appropriate choice for you.

With the increasing number of competitors, it is crucial to stand out and create consistent and effective content. Choosing the right tool will help you produce large volumes of high-quality content more frequently. We recommend that you keep in mind the needs of your brand and add an AI voice generator to your marketing stack at the earliest.

Story by Sukhmandeep Singh


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