Ukrainian Artist’s Image Comics Covers to Support Ukrainian Relief Effort

Image Comics has announced Ukrainian artist Vlad Legostaev’s covers to Time Before Time will support relief efforts in the war-torn country.

Warning: contains preview images for Time Before Time 13 and 14!

Content warning: mentions of the Ukrainian conflict.

The critically acclaimed Image Comics series Time Before Time will feature two connecting covers by Ukrainian artist Vlad Legostaev, with proceeds going to benefit relief efforts in Ukraine, recently invaded by neighboring Russia. Legostaev’s interlocking covers will grace issues 13 and 14 of the hit series; issue 13 goes on sale June 8th and fans can purchase issue 14 on July 6th.

On February 24, 2022, the Russian Federation, headed by President Vladimir Putin, invaded Ukraine, after months of troop buildup at the Russian-Ukrainian border. This war is the latest in a string of conflicts between the two nations, tracing its roots back nearly a century. The response from the international community was swift, with many nations, including the United States, imposing sanctions on Russia, demanding the nation cease its invasion. The entertainment industry has been vocal in its support of Ukraine as well, establishing funds to help relief efforts on the ground in the country, being spearheaded by groups such as the Ukrainian Red Cross. Image Comics is joining in the cause, donating proceeds from Vlad Legostaev’s variant covers for Time Before Time 13 and 14 to the Ukrainian Red Cross.


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A press release on Image Comics website revealed more details about the covers, as well as a first look at the covers themselves, shared below. Time Before Time, the brainchild of Declan Shalvey and Rory McConville, is a science fiction story set in a bleak future, where people can be smuggled back to the past—for a price. Shalvey explains that he and McConville try to get “great, exciting artists” to do the book’s variant covers. Ukrainian artist Vlad Legostaev was tapped to illustrate two variant covers, in the months prior to Russia’s invasion. The covers were completed before the invasion, but when hostilities broke out, Shalvey and McConville obtained Legostaev’s permission to donate proceeds from his cover of him to the Ukrainian Red Cross. Shalvey concluded by saying he and McConville hope that “Vlad’s art can help his homeland, in some small way.”

Since Russia invaded Ukraine in late February, the stories of the horrors and atrocities have riveted the world. The United States and the rest of the Western World have imposed strict sanctions on Russia, and numerous relief efforts have been launched to help those displaced by the war. The comics industry has not been quiet, with numerous creators expressing their support for Ukraine on social media. Time Before Time creators Declan Shalvey and Rory McConville are doing their part, by not only donating to relief efforts in Ukraine but amplifying Ukrainian voices such as Legostaev’s. As the war in Ukraine continues to rage on, larger a humanitarian crisis will develop. Relief efforts, such as the ones being headed up by the Ukrainian Red Cross will be instrumental in alleviating the pain and suffering.

The crisis in Ukraine has already led to mass casualties, as well as broken lives and families. ImageComics, in conjunction with Ukrainian artist Vlad Legostaev, will donate a proceed of sales from issues 13 and 14 of Time Before Time to relief efforts.

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