Author Annabell E. Romero’s new book “Healthy Family Tree” offers fascinating guidelines for mapping one’s current and predicted health outcomes through ancestry

Annabell E. Romero, a teacher and natural caregiver who is passionate about her family, genealogy, and the healing power of herbs, has completed her new book “Healthy Family Tree”: a thought-provoking guide inspired while helping her daughter with a high school project.

The author shares, “The philosopher George Santayana once said, ‘Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.’ His statement about him rings true in my book ‘Healthy Family Tree’.

Genealogy is a story of parted moments that, unless you pursue them, become lost in historical dust.

I am a teacher of genealogy, which is why my daughter Shirlee asked me for help with a school project called ‘Creating a family tree.’

She was a teenager at the time, and I was thrilled because I thought now, she was speaking my language.

While instructing her how to search our grandparents’ births, and what manner of death was documented, we became aware of similarities, and the cause of death became a frequent pattern among families. This in itself piqued my imagination because similar trends were present in myself and my immediate family. I began to think what if you could determine a flaw in your body from searching a family tree and ultimately finding a way to protect yourself before it becomes an issue.

Wow, I had never linked these together. I have studied herbs for years on how they can help the human organs, so now this made it a challenge.

This project screams, ‘Yes, yes, yes, I do believe it’s possible.’ Oh, and one more yes, Shirlee aced her project de ella and gave me the brainchild for this book. ”

Published by Page Publishing, Annabell E. Romero’s engrossing book is an invaluable resource for readers interested in utilizing their family history to create a personalized blueprint for a healthy life.

Readers who wish to experience this engaging work can purchase “Healthy Family Tree” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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