Cute Booths & Pulp Fiction Impressions; A Diner Excels

True to our promise last month, in this issue we visit the other half of the Jieniu (解牛) empire’s western eateries in Nanjing; Pink Cutie, located in the recently-opened D9 block of mainly F&B establishments, opposite 1912 across Taiping Bei Lu.

And we’re glad we did, for Pink Cutie is a significant improvement over last month’s Smoke King, which however, at the time of our visit had much to recommend it. But Pink Cutie takes it up a notch when it comes to the American diner.

One reason would be the (perceived) authenticity of the environment that had this correspondent’s dining companions in the next booth making an attempt to look like they were acting out a scene in “Goodfellas” or “Pulp Fiction”. Either way, it was time to look the other way.

So full marks for atmosphere. Opened in November of last year, the Cutie has the good sense to provide patterns with a laminated, two-sided menu, while ordering itself is via WeChat and the increasingly ubiquitous QR code on the table. That, however, in this case, would also be a painless experience for non-Chinese readers.

And when it comes to that menu, making a choice is the difficult part. Will it be the Hot Girl Burger (¥58), their signature dish, or the Heartache Burger (¥48)? One, then the other, presumably.

Then there are the Meat Lover Burger (¥78), which comes with smoked pastrami and maple bacon; and the Foie Gras-Wagyu Burger (¥88), which took the fancy of our Pulp Fiction loving friends next door.

And the burgers don’t stop there. Those who prefer to shy away from beef, take note! Pink Cutie offers a Low-Fat Burger, comprising a quinoa and spinach muffin, filled with low-smoked chicken breast, avocado, chopped kae and roasted cashews, with honey balsamic. And all that for just ¥42!

Then finally, there is the now-increasingly common Portobello Mushroom Burger, also ¥42.

With the bun not ejecting its contents at the slightest squeeze, our Hot Girl was a surprising, mess-free, gloveless, burger-dining experience. For the more sanitary minded, gloves are provided at every table, albeit in those worrying, condom-style packages. The same goes for straws (plastic; whoops) and metal cutlery, thankfully minus the packaging.

Last month, we were a little outraged at ¥30 for French fries, very good though they were. At Pink Cutie, virtually the same thing is a sensible ¥18.

Service was also courteous, and relatively speedy, with our burger arriving boothside within 10 minutes.

Pink Cutie is located on 1F of D9 at 9 Jiangjun Alley, off Taiping Bei Lu 太平北路将军巷 9号. Phone: 18652007577.

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