DC’s Static; Season One Teases a Static Shock Villain’s Debut

The final issue of Static: Season One introduces a fan-favorite villain for Virgil Hawkins who was otherwise exclusive to the Static Shock cartoon.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Static: Season One #6, available now from DC.

Though Static got his start in the Milestone comic books, his biggest claim to fame has continued to be the hit cartoon Static Shock. In making the comics’ concepts and characters more kid-friendly, the show also introduced several original heroes and villains that have made a lasting impact on Static. These include several Bang Babies, one of whom became Static’s arch-nemesis on the show. Though he’s been confined in the continuity of the cartoon, one dark presence has finally jumped into the Dakota City of the comics.

Lurking in the shadows and bending them to his will, the dastardly Ebon makes an appearance in the “season finale” of the Milestone relaunch’s Static: Season One. Just as dark as ever, his threshold appearance of him also suggests something insidious involving the creation of the Bang Babies. Here’s a look at Static’s shadiest foe and how he might develop on Earth-M.

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Who Is Ebon, the Cartoon Original Static Villain?

Ebon, aka Ivan Evans was created for the Static Shock cartoon in the DC Animated Universe, having no basis in the comics. The same can be said for his brother Adam, who later became the somewhat anti-heroic Rubberband Man. Ivan was constantly going down a dark path of crime in his young life, scoring bouts in juvenile detention and arguments with his family because of Item. Desperate for power, he aimed to gain a foothold in Dakota’s burgeoning criminal underworld, no matter what it took. This life of crime led to his being at the docks with other would-be gangbangers on the night of the Big Bang. It was somewhat surprising that so much of the gang element was kept in the show, given how much it was otherwise censored for children.

Quantum Vapor, known as Quantum Juice in the comics, was used to disperse the crowds, but it had an unintended effect. It gave many of these “Bang Babies” superhuman powers, but it turned others into visible mutants. Ivan became a living shadow and now sought to unite other Bang Babies into his gang the Meta-Breed. He constantly came up against the lovable do-gooder Static, whose relatable personality and lack of using his powers for personal gain made him essentially Milestone’s equivalent to Marvel’s Spider-Man, both in the cartoon and the comics. Clawing for power and desperate to rid himself of Static’s interference, Ebon’s aims for total control of Dakota backfired twice. The first time resulted in the loss of his powers, with his attempts to regain them accidentally fusing him together with Hotstreak. “Ebonstreak’s” defeat was the last that the character was seen – until now, of course.

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Ebon Debuts In the Static Season Finale

Ebon finally made his comic book debut in the last pages of Static: Season One #6. Rebooted on the new Earth-M, this universe makes the Milestone characters their own continuity again, separate from the mainstream DC characters such as Superman and Batman. By this point in the series, Static has thwarted the current ambitions of G-Man, an individual who sought to capture and control the nascent Bang Baby population. Seeing footage of Static on TV, this G-Man scoffs that the teen superhero hadn’t seen the last of him. Before he can scowl further, however, he’s suddenly enveloped by a black and purple shroud. This makes it clear that the figure is Ebon, who was apparently imprisoned by G-Man. Right before the issue ends, Ebon demands to know where his brother is, suggesting that Rubberband Man is soon to make an appearance, too.

From this exchange, it’s possible that Ebon was one of the first Bang Babies, and that he had been either captured first or even experimented on before the Quantum Juice was used on others. If it’s the latter, this, along with Adam’s absence from him, would explain his anger from him and give him a new characterization besides a mere hungry gangbanger. It would also seem that he cares about his brother from him more than ever this time around, so their relationship could definitely differ from how it was in the show. Needless to say, Ebon won’t be staying in the shadows for too long, as he’ll be far too busy being Static’s number one nightmare.

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