10 Best Comics Where Batman & Superman Team Up

Superman and Batman are undoubtedly two of the most recognizable and popular superheroes in the world. They’re also two of the first, debuting in 1938 and 1939, respectively. Naturally, National Allied Publications, the predecessor to what would become DC Comics, paired their two most popular characters in one comic book called World’s Finest.

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The individual characters would grow and change as would their dynamic. They’ve been best friends and deadly enemies. They’ve fought the forces of Apokolips, and they’ve fought each other in books like hush and Dark Knight Returns. Despite their differences and disagreements, through their 80 years of sharing comic panels, Superman and Batman have provided some amazing team-up stories.

10 Batman & Superman Double Date In Tom King’s Batman Run

Tom King’s Batman saga is coming to an end with the release of batman/catwoman #12. Some have their flus with King’s handling of the character. Regardless, I have established a unique tone for his Batman run and injected wit and new dynamics between Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle into the series.

In Batman #36 and #37, King tackled the relationship between Batman and Superman. Following Bruce’s marriage proposal to Selina, Clark and Lois take them on a double date. The two-parter is humorous and heartfelt. The pairs switch costumes and clothes to enter a festival, play baseball, and improve their friendship while saying very little about it.

9 Things Get Strange In Superman/Batman “Sorcerer Kings”

Superman wields a sword

Any fans curious what Superman wielding a sword would look like should delve into the Superman/Batman story arc “Sorcerer Kings.” In this arc, written by Cullen Bunn, Superman is abducted by a strange, new Batman and taken to another world, forcing the main DC universe Batman to enlist the help of Detective Chimp and other DC magic-users to find him.

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This new Batman takes Superman to an alternate world consumed by dark magic and demons. Seeing as one of Superman’s greatest weaknesses is magic, he’s forced to carry a magic sword. This arc is wild and fun and perfect for any reader looking for a unique Superman/Batman crossover.

8 The World’s Finest Rule The World In “Absolute Power”

Superman Absolute Power

“Absolute Power” is the third story arc Jeph Loeb wrote for the 2003 Superman/Batman series. In this arc, villains from the 31st century travel back in time and raise young Superman and Batman to become dictators who eventually control the world.

The arc demonstrates just how powerful the two characters are when they work together, and how unstoppable they’d be if they used their power and resources for evil. Many familiar faces like Wonder Woman, Joe Chill, and even Darkseid make appearances in this epic story arc that spans alternate timelines.

7 The World’s Finest Of Two Worlds Meet In The New 52’s Batman/Superman

In 2011, DC Comics relaunched all of its titles under the New 52 banner. The titles would start over at #1, rebooting the lore of the DC universe as well. Origins were altered, character dynamics shifted, and events erased. While the New 52 was messy at times, the creators utilized these reboots to create some interesting concepts.

The New 52 batman/superman series took the rebooted Batman and Superman, each at the beginning of their superhero careers, and paired them with their Earth 2 counterparts, older versions who had become good friends. The “Cross Worlds” arc gave the young Bruce and Clark a glimpse at what they could become if they just worked together.

6 Waid & Mora’s World’s Finest Series Has A Strong Debut

Batman and Superman vs Green Lantern header

The new Batman/Superman: World’s Finest comic book, written by Mark Waid and illustrated by Dan Mora, premiered earlier this month and it was fantastic. Waid captured the friendship and partnership the two shared during the Golden Age, pitting them against Poison Ivy and Metallo in a story that feels reminiscent of the pair’s earliest team-ups.

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The book is also beautifully presented by Dan Mora and colorist Tamra Bonvillain. Based on their designs, Jimmy Olsen, Ivy, and even the Dynamic Duo look like they’ve jumped right from a Silver Age comic into this one. This issue reimagines an early meeting between the World’s Finest and provides a strong debut for what looks to be a great series.

5 Gibbons & Rude’s World’s Finest Miniseries Defines Their Two “Worlds”

Superman And Batman On The Cover Of The World's Finest By Dave Gibbons

World’s Finest was a 1990 three-issue miniseries written by Dave Gibbons and illustrated by Steve Rude. The series reimagines the first meeting between Superman and Batman. The heroes are forced to work together after Joker and Lex Luthor align themselves. The story stretches from Gotham to Metropolis, showing the striking distinctions between the two cities and the two heroes who occupy them.

Rude adapts their classic appearances, creating a hybrid visual style that is timeless, yet calls back to their Golden Age adventures. Gibbons emphasizes Batman and Superman’s flaws, proving why they need each other.

4 Kara’s Origin Is Explored In Superman/Batman “Supergirl”

Supergirl in Superman Batman

The second story arc of Jeph Loeb’s Superman/Batman series featured a retelling of Supergirl’s origin. Disguised as an asteroid, Supergirl’s spaceship arrives on Earth, and Batman doesn’t trust her for a second. The story reimagines Ella’s arrival and sees Clark introducing her to the customs of her adoptive world.

The “Supergirl” arc is fun, creative, and beautifully rendered by artist Michael Turner. When Darkseid learns of this new Kryptonian, he travels to Earth, hoping to turn her into an ally. The arc features some great character moments between Clark and Kara and some insane fight sequences on Apokolips.

3 Batman & Superman: World’s Finest Miniseries Defines Their Friendship

Batman And Superman On The Cover Of Batman & Superman: World's Finest Book 10 By Karl Kesel

The best Batman/Superman stories are rarely the ones with the biggest action sequences. They’re the introspective stories that focus on the heroes themselves, what they mean to the world, and what they mean to each other. The 1999 10-issue limited series titled Batman & Superman: World’s Finestwritten by Karl Kesel, follows the duo through their first 10 years of crimefighting together.

The story follows the pair meeting once a year to commemorate a tragedy. Each year brings new changes to their lives and challenges to their partnership, but they endure because deep down they trust each other more than anyone else, and this series proves it.

two Superman & Batman: Generations Chronicles Their Partnership

Superman and Batman look great for people who have existed since the late 1930’s. Comics tend to avoid naturally aging their characters, keeping them at their prime so they can eternally tell their stories. Some comics like Superman & Batman: Generationscreated by John Byrne, explore the state of the DC universe where characters age appropriately.

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generations begins with Batman and Superman’s first meeting in 1939. Each subsequent story takes place 10 years after the one it follows, chronicling the World’s Finest partnership over more than a century. The concept for this series is so unique, allowing Byrne to truly showcase their life-long friendship.

1 The World’s Finest Are On The Run In “Public Enemies”

2003 Superman/Batman series is considered one of the best team-up titles of all time, and Jeph Loeb’s first story arc, “Public Enemies” contributes to that claim. Beautifully illustrated by Ed McGuinness, the first six issues see Batman and Superman on the run after President Lex Luthor frames the Man of Steel.

Things get even more heated when Luthor places a billion-dollar bounty on their heads, convincing supervillians from all across the DC universe to challenge the World’s Finest. “Public Enemies” features many cameos, lots of callbacks to past stories, and Batman and Superman’s strong partnership at the center of it all.

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