Archie Comics’ Family of Antiheroes Return in The Fox: Family Values ​​(Exclusive)

The Fox: Family Values, from Dean Haspiel and Vito Delsante, is a new one-shot from Archie Comics that sees the family of antiheroes return.

Archie Comics’ superhero vigilante the Fox and his family of antiheroes will return in a new superhero one-shot, The Fox: Family Valuesthat releases in May.

The Fox: Family Values features stories written by Dean Haspiel, Vito Delsante and Alex Toth, with artwork by Richard Ortiz, Jack Morelli, Haspiel and Toth. Following the events of The Fox Vol. 2: Fox Hunt, the one-shot will contain two new stories centered around the Fox and his family, along with a special reprint of a classic story written by Toth. The plot synopsis reads, “The Fox: Family Values follows the life of the super heroic Patton family, all considered ‘freak magnets’ who can’t help but do what they can to save the day… whether they like it or not! First, Dean Haspiel returns to writing and art duties in ‘Mid-Life Pisces.’ Can a family of antiheroes with three different philosophical points of view break bread at the end of the day? The patriarch, investigative journalist Paul Patton, Jr. (aka THE FOX) is desperate to find another story. He tries to get his son from him, Shinji (aka GHOST FOX) to come along with him, but his teenage son from him is more interested in dating than finding exclusive stories! Meanwhile, her wife, Mae (SHE FOX) must confront some sins of her past in the form of two super-villains!

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A separate “Back to Back” story included in The Fox: Family Valueswritten by Delsante with line art by Ortiz, takes a step back into the past in the moments leading up to Paul and Mae’s wedding — a time in which the two of them were detained by a mad supervillain two hours before the ceremony is supposed to begin.

“Archie Comics is best known for inventing and publishing classic characters with evergreen stories,” Haspiel told CBR. “And they often do it in 5-8 pages! Which is not easy. But time and the undeniable library of Archie Comics’s digests that you can still find beyond the comic shop is evidence enough. I tried to honor that tradition in my new Fox story about a reluctant superhero with the worst superpower of all: existential crisis.But it’s something all readers can relate to and will most likely confront several times in their own lives as we grow up from junior to senior and watch the world evolve around us, for better or for worse. What writer Vito Delsante, the late/great Alex Toth and I aim to do is humanize a pulp hero, no matter the era, by telling tales of the heart. Therein lies the emotion tether that connects us.”

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“I think for me (and Dean and I were just talking about this), when taken as a whole, this special issue comes down to one thing: the heart of a hero,” Delsante added. “We both show you the exact shape of Paul’s heart and why it beats. It’s not a novel idea, but we both focus on Paul more than the Fox, if you think about it. He might be in costume the whole time, but we ‘re giving you a look at the man beneath the mask.’

Archie Comics editorial director Jamie Rotante further teased that, like past issues of Fox, Family Values will make the titular character stand out in a way different from other superheroes. “The Fox, when costumed, may be a freak magnet, but Paul is a journalist with an emotional pull towards the stories he tells,” Rotante said. “He’s so interesting both as a human and a hero. It also means he’s easily able to work in darker, grittier stories as well as lighter, self-contained adventures. Both Dean and Vito and Richard did an amazing job getting to the heart of the character in these two short, fun stories!”

Initially appearing in MLJ Comics’ Blue Ribbon Comics #4 in 1940, the Fox character saw a revival when Archie Comics released a five-issue series, Foxin 2013-2014, which was written by Haspiel and Mark Waid (World’s Finest, kingdom come). The series was collected in 2014’s The Fox: Freak Magnetwhich was then followed by Fox Hunt in 2015.

Check out CBR’s exclusive preview of The Fox: Family Values below.

The Fox: Family Values #1, which features a cover by Haspiel and a variant cover by George Caltsoudas, releases on May 18 from Archie Comics.

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