10 Best Alternate Versions Of Catwoman In The Comics

Zoë Kravitz’s Catwoman in batman is slightly younger but she is still the version that DC fans are familiar with. She starts out as a thief before getting close to Batman and becoming romantically involved with him. Over the years, other live-action and animated versions of the character have crawled through the same route too.

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However, there are numerous other alternate versions of Catwoman in the comics over the years. Some of the versions are standard while others are completely bizarre. Nonetheless, they are all apart of entertaining storylines that fans wish can be brought to either the big screen or small screen someday.


Madam Catwoman

The Joker shows up at Catwoman's escort agency in Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

Fans are introduced to an elderly Selina Kyle in Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. Now the owner of an escort service, she still has a soft spot for Bruce Wayne after their decade-long separation.

Though Selina doesn’t have many action-related scenes, she sure does have interesting arcs. She is part of a Harvey Dent-like hostage situation where the Joker kidnaps her. Moreover, she also gets to feud with Superman. That she and Bruce Wayne miss each other even in old age is a further reminder that the two have always been one of the best superhero couples of all time.

Guardian Of Gotham

Catwoman fights an evil Batman in Guardian Of Gotham

Selina is accorded Batman’s origin story in Catwoman: Guardian Of Gotham #1. In the comic issue, her parents of her Thomas and Martha Kyle get murdered by thugs. She therefore vows to be the hero known as Catwoman in order to save Gotham.

The Elseworlds plot is a refreshing one because Batman’s origin tale has somehow become monotonous over the years. There’s even a Cat-take on Bruce Wayne’s usual assets. Wayne Manor becomes Kyle Manor while the Bat-cave becomes the Cat-cave. And instead of Alfred, there’s a maid named Brooks. But the best part about the Guardian Of Gotham storyline is that Catwoman doesn’t get to fight the usual antagonists. Instead, Batman is the big bad villain of Gotham City.

Mrs Wayne

Sline chats with her daughter Helena in World's Finest

Selina is married to Bruce Wayne in Worlds’ Finest #0which is part of the New 52 continuity. Together, they have a daughter named Helena, who Selina trains so that she can help her father fight crime.

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In most comic issues, Catwoman and Batman never get married. While this is totally okay in a progressive world, DC fans that vouch for traditional family values ​​presumably aren’t happy about it. Luckily, this changes briefly. Bruce and Selina are portrayed as a very happy couple that’s good at conflict resolution. When Bruce becomes angry at Selina for her daughter’s training, she easily reassures him.

Cat Captain

Capitana Felina fights off pirates in Detective Comics Annual #7

Catwoman is a Spanish contessa and pirate named Capitana Felina in Detective Comics Annual #7. In this alternate universe, Batman is also a pirate named Captain Leatherwing.

The timeline, names, and career choices aren’t the only strange things about the alternate tale. Catwoman rarely teams up with the Joker but she does so this time. The villain simply goes by the name, The Laughing Man. Additionally, the historical tale has one of the best alternate versions of the Penguin, Admiral Cobbelpot.

Vikki Vale

In Batman: Shadow of the Bat Annual #2, Wayne Media reporter Vikki Vale is Catwoman. She works for Anarky, for who she steals sensitive files. Unfortunately for her, she gets caught and tortured by Scarecrow.

In live-action, Vale counts as one of Batman’s best love interests but she never gets to do much. As Catwoman, the character feels more fleshed out because she isn’t tied to romance arcs. By choosing to work with a villain, she comes off as more powerful too, since as a Wayne Media employee, she is in a better position to destroy Bruce Wayne’s empire.

Selina The Business Mogul

Selina Kyle attends a gala in Kingdom Come

In Kingdom Come #3, Selina is depicted as a business mogul with a multi-million-dollar cosmetic line. She mostly hangs out with Riddler and never dons the Catwoman costume.

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This version of Selina stands out because she is financially empowered, not having to steal jewelry like she usually does. With a net worth as high as that of Bruce Wayne, she easily matches him in status. However, fans of the Caped Crusader will hate that Selina the Mogul gets to thang out with the baddies more than Bruce.


Catwoman meets Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle in JLA: The Nail #2

In the universe depicted in JLA: The Nail #2, Superman never made it to Earth. Consequently, Batman has very little help and when the Joker kills his two reliable sidekicks, Robin and Batgirl, he becomes depressed. Selina Kyle thus becomes Batwoman in order to help him.

Who the better character is between Catwoman and Batwoman is debatable though the latter tends to be more heroic than the former. Since there are too many baddies to deal with in the Kent-less alternate universe, it makes sense for Selina to take up the Batwoman mantle. And as Batwoman, Selina has access to all of Batman’s important resources, including the Batmobile.

african catwoman

Selina Kyle fights off a jewel thief in Batman & Tarzan - Claws Of The Catwoman #1.

Among the best Elseworlds tales is Batman/Tarzan: Claws Of The Catwoman #1. The tale set in the 1930s depicts Catwoman as the princess of an African tribe. Together with Batman and Tarzan, she tries to discover artifacts that were stolen by a greedy explorer.

The African Catwoman is a good fighter and works well with others. The tribe which Catwoman comes from is also wealthy, thanks to its numerous artifacts, though not on the same level as what you’d find in Wakanda. And the fact that she gets to team up with a non-DC character (Tarzan) makes the story even more interesting.

The Pop Star

Catwoman fights with Batman in Batman - Digital Justice

The digital comic Batman: Digital Justice is set years after Bruce Wayne’s death and in it, James Gordon is Batman. Popstar Sheila Romero soon becomes jealous of Batman since he is getting more press than her. She thus becomes the new Catwoman and tries to sabotage him.

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Having a version of Catwoman that isn’t Selina Kyle brings a whole new dynamic to the relationship between the character and Batman. Here, Catwoman even has her own army that she uses during battles with Batman. Nonetheless, the familiar romance story pops up again when Sheila and James put their enmity aside and fall in love.

The Self-Duplicating Catwoman

Catwoman fights Batman in Batman: Beyond #3

The version of Catwoman seen in Batman Beyond #2 is said to be Multiplex’s daughter. Like her father de ella, she can self-duplicate, though she can only do so a maximum of nine times (nine lives). Additionally, she is in a relationship with Dick Grayson.

Selina’s nine cat lives theory tends to remain a myth in many comic issues but in this particular issue, it’s taken rather literally. All of Catwoman’s duplicates have the same abilities. This allows her to be more of a daredevil than she normally is, knowing very well that one death doesn’t make much of a difference.

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