10 Fan-Favorite Memories From ‘Star Wars: Rebels’

March 5, 2022, marked the fifth anniversary of the finale of Star Wars: Rebels. The animated series follows Ezra Bridger (Taylor Gray) as he stumbles (or is pushed by the Force) into joining the tight-knit crew of a Rebel vessel called the Ghost. Ezra finds a family in the crew and discovers his destiny of him with Kanan Jarrus (Freddie Prinze Jr.) a Jedi survivor of Order 66.

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Star Wars: Rebels ran for four seasons and amassed a passionate fan base. On the fifth anniversary of the show’s conclusion, many of them participated in the annual hashtag, #RebelsRemembered, to share their memories and the ways the show impacted them.

A Certain Point Of View

@BlueJaigEyes asked fans to share quotes that resonated with them. She shared a quote from Bendu, β€œAn object can not make you good or evil. The temptation of power, forbidden knowledge, even the desire to do good can lead some down that path, but only you can change yourself.” Bendu was a strange creature with a powerful connection to the Force who trained Kanan after Maul (Sam Wittwer) robbed him of his eyesight.

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Bendu said these words after Kanan discovered Ezra seeking knowledge from a Sith holocron. Bendu’s stances on this and other aspects of the Force were at odds with the training Kanan had received as a Padawan, but Bendu’s guidance made Kanan a better Jedi. It was one of many ways the show embraced the gray areas of the Force and challenged you to reconsider the stark black and white thinking of the Jedi.


Kanan And Hera Were Space Married

Throughout the show, the deep connection between Kanan and Hera Syndulla (vanessa marshall) was apparent. They functioned as the mom and dad of the crew, but the relationship created a lot of questions. Marriage was strictly forbidden for most Jedi because they considered it an attachment that could cause a fall to the dark side. But the romantic love Kanan and Hera had for one another becomes unquestionable in the final episodes of the series, eventually resulting in the two having a child in the finale. Regardless of the traditional wisdom of the Jedi Way, Hera’s love for Kanan made him a better Jedi, and @PattyBones2 knew it all along.

The Best Locations In The ‘Star Wars’ Universe

For a franchise that takes place in a massive galaxy sporting an abundance of habitable planets and numerous sentient species, the narrow focus on a few backwater worlds often makes that galaxy feel tiny. Rebels centered on an out-of-the-way planet, but it was a new planet and the crew spent a lot of time exploring other locations. The show was packed full of interesting planets, mind-blowing Jedi and Sith architecture, and beautiful scenery. @LiamLikesSW summed it up well: β€œThe locales of #StarWarsRebels were unmatched πŸ™Œ.”

‘Rebels’ Was About Family

Family may be a fairly common theme in starwarsparticularly in the projects overseen by Dave Philonibut the Rebels family stands above every other entry in the franchise. A lost Jedi, a survivor of genocide, two daughters who have disappointed their people, an orphaned son, and a dangerously independent droid find each other and connect. Rebels beautifully explores the pain of separation from blood relatives and the depths of love possible in the family you build. It can be surprising how deeply this wondrous piece of animation can move you, and @calebsdume was one of many people celebrating this facet of the show.

Chopper Appreciation

every starwars entry needs a main droid, and Chopper filled that role in Rebels. This quirky droid is a master of sarcasm, loves pulling pranks, and is a surprising threat to his enemies. He generally carries the show’s comedy on his shoulders (chassis?) whether he’s instigating fights between Zeb (Steve Blum) and Ezra, screeching through a battlefield with blasters drawn, or nonchalantly knocking a droid off his ship when it threatens his position. But he can also be a sweet and caring companion as @SamDyeK pointed out.

We Have Hope

@ChrisBr6511 shared his favorite quote from Hera, β€œWe have hope. Hope that things will get better. And they will.” The crew of the Ghost faced plenty of dark and devastating moments. But the show reminds you again and again of the power of holding onto hope and forging ahead. The crew faces impossible odds and pays a heavy price, but they deal a devastating blow to the Empire, bringing hope and freedom to countless people. Hera, more than any other character, embodies the hopeful spirit of Rebels as she uplifts the others when they struggle and even faces her own terrible loss without giving up on the future.

Ahsoka And Anakin’s Reunion

Many fans joined @DelgadilloArt in remembering the beautiful, painful moment when Ahsoka was reunited with her former Master. Ahsoka suspects Vader’s true identity after a few run-ins, but her suspicions of her are finally confirmed when she manages to crack open his helmet in a lightsaber duel. Feeling guilt over how her decision to leave the Jedi Order also left Anakin alone to this fate, she says, β€œI wo n’t leave you! Not this time.” But Anakin reveals the extent of his fall from her by responding to his former apprentice from him, β€œThen you will die.”

The Impact Of Imperial Occupation

@amyrichau lauded the show’s depiction of life under Imperial occupation. Ezra’s homeworld, Lothal, falls victim to the Empire as they exploit the planet’s people and resources to bolster the Empire’s might. Things get bleak, but that makes it even more satisfying when the Rebellion finally drives the Empire from Lothal. These obscure people on this unassuming world deal a devastating blow to the Empire which affects the galaxy-wide war effort. It’s a powerful reminder of the impact a common person can have, even if most people will never know the good they did.

Kenobi And Maul Have A Final Showdown

Perhaps the most famous scene in Rebels comes when Maul tracks Obi-Wan down in the deserts of Tatooine. The two had fought each other many times over the years, but this final fight demonstrates an older Obi-Wan’s mastery of the Force, the lightsaber, and himself. Instead of two warriors engaged in a prolonged battle, most of this fight happens mentally before the first strike even lands.

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Obi-Wan cycles through poses, calling moments from their shared history to Maul’s mind. He controls Maul’s feelings from him as well as his own, and when Maul finally strikes, he easily defeats him in seconds. Obi-Wan’s compassion shines as he holds Maul and talks with him in his final moments. This scene really resonated with @theMandaTorian.

something special

@alyssaranneyy’s tweet captures the spirit of #RebelsRemembered and summarizes why this show continues to resonate with fans five years after its conclusion. The crew of the Ghost teaches you what it means to be a family, and you likely see yourself in at least one of these relatable outcasts. Their unflinching hope inspires you to hope, to believe that you can change, grow, and overcome whatever life has dealt you. starwars has blessed fans with a deluge of new content in recent years, but Star Wars: Rebels still stands apart as a special piece of that universe.

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