9 Darkest Characters Doctor Strange Fought In The Comics

As the Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Stephen Strange has long protected the Marvel Universe from magical threats completely unknown and unimaginably dangerous. As Master of the Mystical Arts, Doctor Strange has gone toe-to-toe with demons, wizards, and ancient beings on the physical and mystical planes, and has often come out the victor.

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And while this may be all in a day’s work for the Sorcerer Supreme, the members of Strange’s rogues’ gallery are incredibly impressive. From Demons from Hell to rulers of the Dark Dimension, here are some of the most dangerous foes who have all failed to the skills of Doctor Strange.

9 Dormammu rules the Dark Dimension


The ruler of the Dark Dimension, Dormammu is often seen as one of Strange’s most powerful foes. Immortalized in his MCU appearance of him, Dormamu’s power of him in the Dark Dimension knows no bounds, and the Vishanti see him as the Sorcerer Supreme’s ultimate enemy and primary concern. On many occasions, Dormammu has threatened the Earth and the physical realm.

Dormammu’s ego is almost as dangerous as his actual power, and it is this ego that makes him so threatening. Claiming to want to destroy the Celestials, Dormammu sees the Norse All-Father Odin as his inferior, while Odin sees him as an equal. With this in mind, it makes Doctor Strange’s numerous victories over Dormammu even more impressive.

8 Nightmare Is A Master of Illusion

Nightmare Doctor Strange

An incredibly powerful entity that controls a splinter realm in the Dream Dimension, Nightmare has plagued the heroes of the Marvel Universe directly and indirectly for years. On many occasions Nightmare has abused people in their dreams, leaving them with traumatic memories or fears.

Nightmare has tussled with Doctor Strange on many different occasions in his attempts to conquer the Earthly dimension. It has required most of Strange’s abilities from him, including help from the Ancient One, to dispel Nightmare time and time again. Unfortunately, not everyone has possessed Strange’s magical abilities, leaving Nightmare with plenty of other victims to target.

7 Shuma-Gorath is an Ancient Entity

Shuma-Gorath Dr. Strange Ancient Ones

Considered one of Dr. Strange’s strongest foes, Shuma-Gorath is an ancient being that has ruled over hundreds of dimensions. Doctor Strange has fought Shuma-Gorath on many different planes, both physical and mystical, and has even traveled across time and space to do battle with Shuma-Gorath, though it has always been a close encounter.

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Most recently playing a starring role in the current savage avengers run, Shuma-Gorath’s power is so threatening that Strange was forced to assemble a highly unlikely roster of heroes to fight against it, including Conan the Barbarian. However, it is not fully known whether Shuma-Gorath can properly be killed in this dimension.

6 Dr. Doom Is a Master of Sorcery and Science

Dr Doom Dr Strange

Surely one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe, Doctor Doom has mastered the dangerous combination of science and sorcery. While heroes like Reed Richards and Stephen Strange have made science and magic their respective life’s work, Doom has succeeded where both have failed and have managed to merge the two, to deadly results.

Doctor Doom has long been one of the most dangerous villains in the Marvel Universe, not only posing a threat to Earth, but to the whole mortal dimension as a whole. With incredible ambition and unimaginable talent and potential to match, Doom has often required the combined forces of Strange and Marvel’s finest heroes in order to bring his plans to a halt, if it was possible at all.

5 Cytorrak Has Dark Magical Powers

The god Cytorrak is one of the most terrifying magic users in the Marvel Universe and has come to blows with Doctor Strange on a number of occasions. Often associated with the Juggernaut, as he gains his powers from him after interacting with Cytorrak’s Crimson Gem, Cytorrak has been described as both a god and a demon and is an incredibly powerful entity.

A being that has been in existence for centuries, Cytorrak was banished to the Crimson Cosmos. Creating the Crimson Gem of Cytorrak to act as a gateway between the Crimson Cosmos and Earth, Cytorrak placed the Gem on Earth so he could manipulate whoever came upon it, while also granting them immense power and turning them into his Juggernaut.

4 Mephisto Is A Tricky Devil

Mephisto Demon Dr Strange Spider-Man

A demon who rules over a realm that he describes as “Hell,” Mephisto specializes in the manipulation of man. He even calls his kingdom of Hell in order to exploit man’s secular interpretation of the afterlife and to incite fear in them as they see Mephisto as Satan or the Devil.

On many occasions, Mephisto and Dr. Strange have had to come to blows, though most recently the two’s most prominent interaction involved Spider-Man, as, during Nick Spencer’s Amazing Spider-Man run, Doctor Strange appealed to the demon in order to barter for the soul of Peter Parker, as Mephisto was determined to wreak havoc on the web-slinger, due to his ulterior motives.

3 Baron Mordo Has Studied Magic for Centuries

Baron Mordo dr.  stranger

Baron Mordo is one of Strange’s oldest foes, with both of them training as apprentices under the Ancient One, though at different times. But Mordo was under the manipulation of Dormammu and sacrificed his family from him in order to receive more power, eventually enough to displace the Ancient One. In retaliation, the Ancient One prepared Doctor Strange as a student powerful enough to defeat Mordo.

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Mordo has a vast knowledge of magic and the power attached to it, and when Hydra took over the United States during the Secret Empire arc, was appointed the caretaker of Manhattan and the Sanctum Sanctorum. Through his years of studying magic, he has managed to project himself onto the astral plane, recite incantations, and produce hexes and spells that have helped him wage war against Strange and the rest of the Marvel Universe for years.

two Umar Can Almost Match Dormammu’s Power

Umar Dormammu Dr. Strange

While Dormammu often receives plenty of attention as one of Doctor Strange’s greatest foes, he is not the only threat to come out of the Dark Dimension. In fact, his sister of him, Umar, is another incredibly powerful magic-user who is able to reach power levels similar to Dormammu.

Umar has the access to the powerful forces of the Dark Dimension, making her an incredibly deadly threat to Doctor Strange and the mortal dimension. In her brother’s absence from her, Umar has ruled the Dark Dimension, and has gone toe-to-toe with Clea, the Hulks, and the Mindless Ones,

1 Undying Ones

The Undying Ones are demons that found their way to Earth during the beginning of the planet’s existence, and for centuries they oversaw the birth of the planet, killing cavemen and monitoring the evolution of man, under the control of the Nameless One.

The Undying Ones used to possess incredible power, able to create portals to different dimensions, and the ability to create shapes and forms out of simple matter and will them into existence. As well as other magical abilities and the ability to shapeshift, the Undying Ones have posed a serious threat to Doctor Strange.

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