Danbury could spend thousands on video production contract to ‘highlight’ work by city officials

DANBURY — The mayor’s office is trying to keep pace with social media trends with a new plan for weekly promotional and explainer videos that could keep residents abreast of City Hall news and events.

“It seems like everybody and their brother is on social media, so it gives us an opportunity for direct access to individuals,” Mayor Dean Esposito said.

A request for proposals, published March 17, hopes to locate a video production company that can help produce weekly videos to “highlight the work of departments and the Office of the Mayor,” the application said.

Specifically, these short videos would showcase various departments’ work — for example, showing residents what the finance, purchasing or health department do each day for residents — as well as covering bigger events. The mayor’s office is seeking a “better more vibrant social media” presence and information platform for residents, said John Kleinhans, Danbury’s government affairs and communications advisor.

“For a city of our size, there are a lot of residents that don’t know how important and how hard our city staff work, so it’s good to showcase them as well,” he said. “We’ve found that we can effectively communicate with residents better with videos and it’s — as the mayor said — it’s more enjoyable to watch and it kind of gives people the sense of what the city is doing on a day-to-day level .”

The mayor’s office has budgeted between $20,000 and $25,000 for a yearlong video production contract, but the office will select the lowest, most qualified bid, according to Kleinhans. Candidates must have expertise in script writing, video production, editing, and all aspects of pre- and post-production work, the request states. The company cannot outsource any of the work to third-party vendors.

The one- to two-minute videos would be produced each week, and producers would work in tandem with Kleinhans to write scripts and plan shoots.

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