DC Just Murdered a Major Green Lantern

An iconic Green Lantern character meets a tragic, brutal fate brought about by jealousy and rage in the latest issue of DC’s The Human Target.

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for The Human Target #6, available now from DC Comics.

Guy Garder, a major Green Lantern in the DC Universe, just met a brutal end — and not even in his own series.

In DC Comics Black Label’s The Human Target #6 — which comes from writer Tom King, artist and cover artist Greg Smallwood, letterer Clayton Cowles and variant cover artist Jorge Fornés — Guy Gardner meets a terrible, tragic end after he attempts to angrily confront Christopher Chance, also known as the HumanTarget. The confrontation doesn’t go nearly as well as Gardner had planned, as Ice — Gardner’s former flame — freezes him right before Chance smashes his head into a bunch of tiny, shattered pieces.

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In the ongoing 12-issue series, Chance is acting as a bodyguard for Lex Luthor when he becomes poisoned during an assassination attempt. With only 12 days left to live, Chance begins investigating the incident in hope that he can track down his killer before it’s too late. Thanks to some help from Doctor Mid-Nite, the investigation leads Chance to the Justice League International, where he meets Ice.

Ice, also known as Tora Olafsdotter, agrees to help Chance in his investigation. The two quickly fall for one another and begin a romantic relationship. Having previously dated Ice, Gardner is almost immediately jealous, which then creates a rivalry between the two characters. In The Human Target #3, Chance gets his friend Luigi to impersonate Hal Jordan, who then convinces Gardner to stand down and hand over his ring.

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Gardner has a new ring with him when he returns in The Human Target #6, along with some more desperate pleas to Ice in hopes that she’ll come running back to him. Following Gardner’s murder, Chance and Ice only somewhat question whether or not they actually should have killed a Green Lantern. They also wonder if anyone knew Gardner was coming to Ice’s house and if they could get in trouble; however, Chance is relatively sure nobody is going to come looking for him. Sometime later, Chance is driving and reflecting on what he did: “I’m thinking of all the men I’ve done in. Some of them I stabbed, some of them I shot, some I got down with my bare hands. All of them had families and desires and ambition, and I’d really like to say that each stands out. But if I’m honest, they blend together some. All those crooked faces and clenched teeth. But this latest one. This guy. In the end. I think I’ll remember him.”

The Human Target #6 is on sale now from DC Comics.

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