John and Hank Green Launch Awesome Coffee Club

Back in November of 2020, John and Hank Green launched the Awesome Socks Club, a monthly subscription service where members received a pair of funky socks with community-sourced designs, with 100% of profits going to Partners in Health, a charity dedicated to reducing maternal and child mortality in Sierra Leone. This year, the brothers are back with the Awesome Coffee Club, and this time, it’s much more edible.

The Awesome Coffee Club sends certified sustainable coffee grounds or beans to members once a month, and just like the Awesome Socks Club, 100% of profits go to Partners in Health. According to their website, they “work directly with small farmers’ collectives to ensure that your coffee is not only good for the growers but also farmed with a focus on regenerative agriculture”. This sourcing focus leads to better conditions for the environment, workers, and the community that supports them.

For those who don’t know, TikTok sensation Hank Green and Third-Tier English Football Club sponsor John Green are a pair of brothers who, in 2007, started Vlogbrothers, where they attempted to communicate solely through vlogs. That project, which has evolved but is still running today, led the brothers to create other projects such as Crash Course, Sci Show, the Dear Hank & John Podcast, and VidCon, the annual online video convention.

Hank and John Green are bringing the coffee with their new Awesome Coffee Club

In addition to their online-focused ventures, both brothers are New York Times Bestselling Authors, with John’s The Fault in Our Stars and Paper Towns both having been adapted into feature films. His latest book, The Anthropocne Reviewed, is an adaptation of his podcast where he reviews (on a 5-star scale) various events and features of the world. Hank’s most recent novel, A Beautifully Foolish Endeavor, debuted at number 4 on the New York Times best-sellers list in July 2020.

While all that is both important and generous, the big question remains: how’s the coffee? It is a coffee subscription service after all. According to First Crack Coffee, the coffee has a flavor profile of “Chocolate… front-and-center, specifically a mildly dark chocolate. The coffee is roasty but not burnt or acrid. There’s some non-fruit sweetness, too.” Compared to Starbucks, the roast is similar to their medium or medium-dark roasts. Members who sign up for the club get the option of receiving either ground or whole bean coffee. Oh both! You can get multiple bags a month.

So far, the announcement of the Awesome Coffee Club has been well received. According to Hank on Twitter, 4 hours after the announcement, the club had already sold 25% of their product. If dark roasts aren’t your thing, have no fear – there are plans for light roasts and decaf in the future.

If you’re looking for a coffee that you can feel good about supporting, want to try a new, sustainably sourced product, or just love subscription services and want to pay for another one, the Awesome Coffee Club just might be the thing for you . Even if you end up not loving the coffee, you’ve still supported a good cause.

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