Newly Published, From ‘Star Trek’ to Ferdinand Magellan

DESSERT CAN SAVE THE WORLD: Stories, Secrets, and Recipes for a Stubbornly Joyful Existence, by Christina Tosi, read by the author. (Random House Audio.) From cutthroat competition to “compost cookies,” the pastry chef and Milk Bar founder follows the bread crumbs back through her life de ella in the ruthless male-dominated world of food.

TEN STEPS TO NANETTE: A Memoir Situation, by Hannah Gadsby, read by the author. (Random House Audio.) A comedian’s memoir of growing up queer in ’80s and ’90s Tasmania, where homosexuality was illegal; her her later diagnoses of autism and ADHD; and her lifelong defiance of norms and expectations.

STAR TREK: PICARD: No Man’s Land, by Kirsten Beyer and Mike Johnson, read by Michelle Hurd and Jeri Ryan with a full cast. (Simon & Schuster Audio.) An original audio drama, accompanied by sound effects from the Picard universe, sees Raffi Musiker and Seven of Nine develop a new relationship as they land on the planet Ebla.

THE BOOK OF BARAKA, by Ras Baraka with Jelani Cobb, read by the authors. (Audible.) In a blend of prose and poetry, the mayor of Newark recounts his coming-of-age in that city under the powerful influence of his father, the poet Amiri Baraka.

AFRICA’S STRUGGLE FOR ITS ART: History of a Postcolonial Defeat, by Benedicte Savoy. (Princeton University, $29.95.) This account documents African nations’ fight for the return of art stolen during the colonial era and how those efforts were met by fierce resistance and racism from Western museums, a struggle that Savoy chronicles between the early 1960s and mid -1980s.

STRAITS: Beyond the Myth of Magellan, by Felipe Fernandez-Armesto. (University of California, $29.95.) A historian unravels the enduring myth of Ferdinand Magellan, the 16th-century Portuguese explorer who was motivated more by the chance to exploit Filipino gold than a desire to circumnavigate the globe.

YOU HAVE NOT YET BEEN DEFEATED: Selected Works 2011-2021, by Alaa Abd el-Fattah. (Seven Stories, paper, $18.95.) This collection gathers the Egyptian activist’s essays, social media posts and interviews, which were mostly composed while he was incarcerated as a political prisoner, and provide reflections on state violence, Egypt’s constitution and technology.

LESSONS FROM THE EDGE: A Memoir, by Marie Yovanovitch. (Mariner, $30.) The former United States ambassador to Ukraine recounts her being recalled from her post by her after a smear campaign by Rudy Giuliani, President Trump’s personal attorney, and details her involvement by her in Trump’s impeachment inquiry in this timely memoir.

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