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Emily Schulz is the March 2022 student of the month at Park Rapids Area High School.

The daughter of Tina and Chris Schulz, Emily is an academic letter winner and has been involved in tennis, golf, Business Professionals of America, National Honor Society, math league, book club, student council, yearbook committee, Envirothon, and Future Farmers of America. She has also been a national BPA participant, Spanish club president, prom committee president and BPA treasurer.

She plans to attend the University of Southern Florida to pursue a degree in business with an emphasis on marketing.

Business teacher Angie Kuehn said, “Congratulations, Emily! You are so deserving of this award! Emily is a very good student, but also a very good person. She is very inclusive and will talk to anyone, because, let’s face it, she loves to talk! I have had Emily in various classes over the course of her high school career and she has been an integral member of BPA all four years. I am so happy for her that she qualified for the national competition this year. She has worked very hard for that. I will really miss her presence in BPA, the classroom and the hallways of Park Rapids Area High School. Best of luck in the future!”

English teacher Tanya Miller said, “Emily Schulz lights up the classroom with her smile and her genuine love of learning. Her positive attitude and her natural curiosity make her an excellent student. I really enjoy how she engages with her peers about the literature that we read in class, and her hard work and long hours she invests into her writing assignments. Emily sets high standards for herself, much higher than anyone else could set for her. She is intrinsically motivated and a critical thinker. She is also positive and uplifting as she supports her fellow students. She asks pertinent questions, and she is a natural leader.”

English teacher Kerry Johnson said, “I always enjoy having Emily in class. She cares about her grades de ella, and she adds a great deal to class discussions. She continues to be involved in many different activities, and she still maintains great grades. I have no doubt she will continue to do great things and make the most of her college experience from her. Congrats!”

Math teacher Mike Baumgartner said, “Emily goes the extra mile to learn. Not only does she work tirelessly to comprehend difficult assignments, but she will also take any spare moment to do special projects that could be used for bonus just in case she happens to need them. Last year in trig class she may have made a short video as a cheerleader, cheering “Sine! Cosine! Cosine! Sine! Cosine! Cosine! Sine! Sine! Tan!Tan! Ta Tan Tan!” Also last year she made a short film on p-value in statistics class. It was titled “Psst, The P is Low.” Remove entertaining and full of some great statistics. This year in calculus, I’m sure we can find some other fun ideas that Emily will be sure to take on, for she is truly a top student here at Park Rapids and is very deserving of this honor of student of the month.”

Art teacher Mike Hartung said, “Emily is a great student and leader of her class. She is always willing to do the little things and is a very meticulous worker. I am very proud of her.”

Social studies teacher Tom Coborn said, “The very first day I met Emily she stood out. It was the beginning of the school year and students were supposed to get in groups for a team building exercise. As the students were trying to form groups and taking their time, Emily took over and quickly got the job done. What I noticed was not only Emily’s energy and desire for her to complete this simple task, but how the students listened to her with no resistance. I was new to her, but she was not new to them. She is truly a natural leader. She meets her challenges from her with zest and completes her classwork on time and at a very high academic level. She has been a joy to teach, and I am sure she will be a leader wherever she may go. Good luck and congratulations Emily, it is well deserved!”

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