Second Book from Author Meril Smith Confronts Us with Reflective Questions

“Have We Found Our Better Selves?”

New release gives readers time to contemplate on the global pandemic

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, March 23, 2022 / — The COVID-19 global health pandemic has upended the lives of millions of people all over the world. Since 2020, life has changed and still nowhere near how things were before. In the follow-up book from author Meril Smith entitled “Have We Found Our Better Selves?,” he explores how humanity has dealt with the harrowing effects of the pandemic and poses questions that make the readers reflect on their current state and how to move forward.

Growing up in a poor neighborhood, Meril Smith also faced learning difficulties in his youth. But he came Mr. Schmidt, a man who changed his life forever. I found inspiration in his kind and gentle teacher and made him realize that he also wanted to be an educator, a career he nurtured for thirty fulfilling years. He believes that it takes only one teacher to change the life of a struggling student, much like his own experience of him. With this, along with his awareness of what’s happening in the world, he became an effective and empathetic educator. His experience, training, and passion for understanding people and events provided the backdrop for his books by him.

“Have We Found Our Better Selves?” Brings back its readers to the early days of the pandemic, nudging them to reflect on what happened and how they reacted to the devastating global health emergency. Prompting his readers to reflect the pandemic, Mr. Smith regales on the questions that focus on the learnings as well as shortcomings with each question gravitating towards the betterment of the individual self and of how others are being treated.

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