Superman & Lois Recap & Spoilers: S2, E8, “Into Oblivion”

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Superman & Lois yesseason 2, Episode 8, “Into Oblivion,” which aired Tuesday, March 22, on The CW.

Superman & Lois brought an end to several antagonists as Season 2 hit its halfway point, with Bizarro killed and the traitorous Lieutenant General Anderson on the run for attacking Superman and stealing government property for his own twisted ends, but the threat is far from over. Among the objects Anderson stole is a mystical pendant matching one worn by sinister cult leader Ally Allston to preside over her organization de ella The Inverse Method. With Anderson and Ally now working together, things are about to become more difficult for Clark Kent and Lois Lane.

John Henry Irons continues to recover from his fight with Bizarro, but displays impaired cognitive functions as his brain heals from the trauma. Concerned about her father, Natalie visibly resents Clark for letting this happen to Henry and resembling the evil Superman from her world. Meanwhile, Anderson is able to commune with his counterpart on Bizarro’s world, revealing he personally killed Bizarro, with the inverted world and Arrowverse’s Ally Allston deciding that the two should meet with each other across dimensions. Ally summons Chrissy Beppo to witness their meeting, with Chrissy unable to resist being present for such an exclusive story reveal.

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Superman and Sam Lane work together to track down Anderson, with Sam assuring his son-in-law that he’s been formally cleared of all the charges that Anderson levied against him in order to justify detaining the superhero. The two discover that Anderson has stolen the pendant while Anderson joins Ally and the Inverse Method in the Shuster Mines to open a portal to the inverted world through the pendants. Despite wearing protective suits, Ally and her followers of Ella are shocked to see those who enter the portal apparently disintegrating moments before making the inter-dimensional commute. Superman arrives on the scene and is able to stop Ally and Chrissy from entering the portal… but Anderson seizes the pendant and makes the commute himself.

Elsewhere in Superman & Lois, Jonathan begins working at the local convenience store only to be threatened by a dealer looking for money for the X-Kryptonite inhalers. Jordan arrives in the nick of time to save Jonathan and his girlfriend Candice — but misses out on a date with Sarah intended to introduce him to her friend and summertime love interest Aubrey. Meanwhile, Kyle Cortez helps Lana Lang prepare for a public debate against George Dean as their mayoral campaign intensifies, suggesting that they might be able to repair their damaged relationship.

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To diffuse tension, Clark sets up Henry and Natalie in a new place to live away from the Kent farm after Natalie agrees to the arrangement. Though the new accommodations are dilapidated, the location does have its own repair shop that would allow the father and daughter to continue their work. As Sam and Lois lament how they could let Lucy fall under the thrall of someone as twisted and manipulative as Ally, they are surprised when Lucy visits them at the farm!

Lucy claims that she sensed the inter-dimensional portal may have been dangerous and that she left the Inverse Method at the last minute. The family appears to reconcile, with Sam personally escorting his daughter de ella back home — only for Lucy to drug his tea de ella and incapacitate him as he drops her off de ella. When Sam passes out, Lucy takes his Department of Defense codes to presumably free Ally from custody and ensure she can make the trip into the inverted world. And with this stunning betrayal, the Inverse Method remains one step ahead of the Man of Steel and just as deadly as ever.

Developed for television by Greg Berlanti and Todd Helbing, Superman & Lois airs Tuesdays at 8pm ET/PT on The CW.

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