The ‘This Is Us’ Creator Just Dropped a Huge Revelation About Last Night’s Episode

This Is Us fans are still trying to process Kate (Chrissy Metz) and Toby (Chris Sullivan)’s huge blowout. Whether or not katoby (as the internet calls the couple) will eventually get on the same page is unknown right now. But maybe actress Chrissy Metz has an idea where their story is headed because she was one of the geniuses behind last night’s emotional season 6 episode.

On Tuesday night, the NBC drama focused on Kate and Toby thinking about their family’s future. As the hour went on, Kate grew more upset with Toby over decisions he made her without her. The two reached their breaking points when she learned that he had turned down a job in Los Angeles, the place she wants their family to stay, because he was happier in San Francisco. After Kate confessed that she missed the “Old Toby,” he didn’t hold back.

Unsurprisingly, Chrissy was excited to hear que This Is Us fans thought about the new season 6 episode. As it turns out, This Is Us creator Dan Fogelman revealed that she didn’t just star in it but also helped write the moving script.

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“Number Two of our trilogy tonight on #ThisIsUs,” he wrote on Twitter. “@ChrissyMetz wrote a beautiful script with @trocaseyjohnson and @dwindsor789 – then performed it beautifully with @SullivanTweet [with] support everywhere. And here’s our director @TheMandyMoore kicking ass and taking names in SF!”

Reacting to the news that Chrissy collaborated with This Is Us writers and fellows This Is Us Cost Mandy Moore, viewers shared how much they enjoyed the latest episode. “Everything works together SO well ~ this episode, and yes, all of #ThisIsUs ~ GOD I am going to miss this show!” one person wrote.

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Lots of folks credited Chrissy’s involvement in taking the characters to the next level. “Such a well-acted and directed episode! It’s a beautiful tragedy, seeing that Toby and Kate are growing into their own people, apart from each other. They have both found fulfillment in their work but not each other. Bittersweet,” a follower commented. “Some of the best writing of the season, maybe even the series,” a different fan said.

After seeing her work air on the East Coast, Chrissy revealed that she felt “so honored and privileged” to have the opportunity. speaking with Entertainment Weekly, she shared that it’s been difficult filming the remaining episodes of the show’s sixth and final season. “Sometimes I find myself getting emotional just looking at one of the actors like, ‘Oh, wow, this might be the last time,’” she told the outlet. “It’s very emotional.”

Luckily, we still have some more time with Chrissy and the rest of the This Is Us cast until the series finale in May.

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