10 Most Powerful Variants Of Morbius In Marvel Comics

Morbius will bring one of the most interesting characters in the Marvel Universe to the screen, but the question remains: From which version of the character will the movie draw its primary inspiration? Numerous variants of Morbius the Living Vampire exist in the greater multiverse of Marvel Comics, and many of them are likely to appear in some form both in live-action and animation.

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Some of the most powerful variants of Morbius in Marvel Comics include those that come from the Marvel Zombies universe and the Spider-Verse, increasing the chances these versions appear in their respective screen adaptations. They also include some that play key roles in huge Marvel Comics events that will likely play out in some form in the future of the MCU and Sony Marvel Universe.


House Of M

Dr. Michael Morbius experiments on Luke Cage in House of M comics.

House Of M is one of the most important Marvel Comics events, and Dr. Michael Morbius plays a small but important role in it. This version of the character doesn’t appear to be a vampire or have any of the powers he exhibits in Earth-616.

However, this non-powered Dr. Morbius retains his scientific and medical genius and acumen, and he is shown to be one of the scientists responsible for giving Luke Cage his superpowers in the past of the alternate reality created by the Scarlet Witch.

Morbius The Living Vampire

Morbius attacks Carnage in Marvel Comics.

The most famous variant of Morbius the Living Vampire exists within the main Marvel Universe of Earth-616. Morbius possesses superhuman strength, stamina, and agility as a result of his transformation from him into a vampire, strong enough to fight Spider-Man.

He also has a need to feed on blood, which can occasionally lead to overwhelming urges. When he’s in this state, he’s very hard to stop. Morbius possesses remarkable self-control and discipline over his powers and has to at all times.


Morbius talks to Hank Pym in Marvel Comics.

Comic book fans know the Marvel multiverse is full of infinite variants of major characters. The Hel-Rangers variant of Morbius is just one. This version from Earth-15513 shares the same powers as the primary Morbius, including highly acute senses like heightened smell.

He is distinguished by his unique set of armor. As seen in Age of Ultron Vs Marvel Zombies #1, Morbius wears a more hardened and Medieval version of his traditional costume to protect him against the zombie hordes rampaging his reality.

Doc Morbius

Doc Morbius fights the Web Slinger in Marvel Comics.

Doc Morbius hails from one of the many alternate worlds within the Spider-Verse, Earth-31913. He appears to have all of the same powers as the primary version does, including a regenerative healing power that mitigates most of his wounds and injuries from him.

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This version of the character obtained his strength and endurance from the same source as the Web-Slinger, the Spider-Man of Earth-31913, a scientifically altered spider. He is also particularly cruel, experimenting on children to cure himself without regard for their safety.

Lord Morbius

Lord Morbius attacks in Exiles comics.

Lord Morbius is a variant of Morbius from Earth-37072, just one of the many alternate worlds visited by the Exiles team of reality-hopping heroes. This version has the same powers as Morbius of Earth-616, like hypnosis and heightened night vision, but he has been further mutated.

Thanks to crossing over into a magically altered realm, this version of Morbius was transformed into more of a bat-like creature with pronounced wings, making him even more of a skilled flyer than his main Marvel Universe counterpart.

Subject 38

Morbius fights Werewolf By Night in Marvel Comics.

Subject 38 is a variant of Morbius the Living Vampire from Earth-TRN559. This variant appears to have all the same powers and abilities as the Earth-616 version, such as psionic gliding. This allows him to glide through the air through intense mental focus.

Though his appearance is brief in Dead of Night Featuring Werewolf by Night #4, he could have additional powers as a result of experiments by the Babylon Group. He certainly has no ethics given his bloody actions by him in the climax. Comic book fans know Werewolf By Night is coming to the MCU and he could potentially cross over with Morbius.

Porkius, The Living Ham-pire

Spider-Ham confronts his many villains in Marvel Comics.

Porkius, The Living Ham-pire hails from the same mad-cap universe that begat Spider-Ham, and could very well appear in animation as a result. Almost nothing is known about him thanks to a brief cameo in the comics, but it seems he shares all the powers of the regular Morbius.

Porkius is immune to most of the regular vulnerabilities vampires exhibit, like sensitivity to sunlight. He also isn’t capable of being stopped or slowed by silver, garlic, or other traditional methods that have been used against vampires across the multiverse.

Ultimate Morbius

Spider-Man confronts Morbius in Ultimate Comics

The Morbius of the Ultimate Comics universe of Earth-1610 is in some ways stronger than his primary counterpart. The son of Dracula, he has inherited his vampirism from him and possesses all the powers and abilities of his father from him, the greatest and most dangerous vampire.

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This Morbius arguably has a stronger will than other variants in the multiverse as well. He fights against his primary instincts from him to feed on others and even has become a vampire hunter tracking down his people from him, somewhat like Blade from Earth-616.


En::Dr fights MORBIUS in Marvel Comics.

MORBIUS is one of the most powerful variants of Morbius in Marvel Comics. Hailing from the same universe as Peni Parker, one of the best characters in Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Versethis variant is a giant kaiju-like vampire who consumes information.

MORBIUS is gigantic and extremely powerful, a techno-organic monstrosity that is able to acquire the information of any object or person with its many suckers. This variant stands a good chance of appearing in future Spider-Verse movies and related series.

Zombie Morbius

Morbius encounters the Marvel Zombies version of himself in Marvel Comics.

The Marvel Zombies variant of Morbius is perhaps the most powerful version yet to be seen in Marvel Comics. This version not only possesses all the power and intelligence of the regular version but by virtue of being a zombie, he’s essentially immortal.

The zombie virus has also revealed this variant of any sense of restraint or morals, transforming him into a cosmically cruel creature who uses his intelligence to craft a weapon to unleash the virus on the people of Earth-616.

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