Massachusetts Hockey NCAA Practice Day Press Conference And Quotes


head-coach Greg CarvelSenior Forward Bobby TrivignoSenior Defensemen Colin Felix

On playing close to home (UMass):

Trivigno: “I’m sure there will be fans here which brings a lot of good energy into the building and to the team but I’m sure they will have fans too. Everybody is traveling from wherever, but we are excited to play. It’s nice to have a quick drive but we are treating it like any other game, so we are ready to go.”

On postseason play:

Felix: “We have had some experience in the postseason, but we are treating this like any other game. We try to be a hard team, we try to move pucks fast and we try to focus on ourselves rather than it being postseason, preseason or in season it’s all the same to us.”

On scouting Minnesota:

Trivigno: “It’s another fast team. They play hard and we are expecting a really fast game in general, especially with the Big-10s, they are a very offensive league.”

On culture:

Trivigno: “It’s nothing like I have ever been a part of. I’ve played at Shattuck and then in Waterloo and those places both have really good culture, but it doesn’t compare to here. Coach Carvel and staff have done an amazing job of creating a culture that thrives on competitiveness and really pushes us to be the best type of players and people that we can be and that’s by accountability. those fine details that propel our culture forward. It is something that I am extremely grateful for and Coach Carvel has instilled it in this program and really turned it around.”

On ‘linking up’ after the Hockey East Championship:

Felix: “That’s a goal for us at the end of the year; to win your last game on home ice. Linking up at center ice is a tradition we have had and it’s a special time for us. We all get to be in the link together and look at each other and take a moment to ourselves on the ice to come together. You are a special part of that link in this group, and it takes everyone so it’s really special for us.”

On playoff experience:

Trivigno: “In Buffalo my freshman year I was a little nervous and had a lot of energy in the wrong ways and the last two years and going into this tournament I feel as though I have grown and become more confident. I’m not focused on the red carpet, photos, or media. It’s easier to think about the game and having those past couple NCAA tournaments have helped the older guys gain that experience.”

On sister signing contract:

Trivigno: “When she told me they were offering her a contract she told me that she would miss some of my

important games, especially last weekend in the Hockey East Finals, but I told her she should do it. She loves the game and is a great player. I am really proud of her and the opportunity she has to play again. She is always supportive of me and loving and there is nothing more I could ask of her. She tells me to stay in the moment and enjoy it because it’s the last one I have so I have to go and leave it all out there.”

opening statement:

Carvel: “We are excited to be back. This is our third tournament in a row. We are here to defend our championship and that’s our mindset. We got a big challenge ahead tomorrow night against a very good Minnesota team. We are playing out best hockey of the year. We’re excited to see what we can do.”

On the importance of building culture at UMass:

Carval: “We had no choice. We lost 29 games our first year. We had to find kids who were under the radar, and Trivigno was exactly that. I had really good assistants who knew what to look for. Kid’s like Anthony DelGaizo, Colin was already committed to UMass but we didn’t keep all the kids that were committed to UMass. We did our research on him (Colin) and we were told by his coaches that this is a highest character kid and you want him in your program. You have to have competitive kids, skill is great, but grit to me is more important. Not much of the game is stick handling, most of the game is running into each other and you got to find guys that enjoy running into each other.”

On the importance of the past years and the experience and comfort level it has given the team:

Carvel: “We really felt it last year going into the Frozen Four in Pittsburgh, and we really felt it last weekend in Boston at the Hockey East Championship. We went there these guys freshman year and it was the first time we played on a big stage, and we played Boston College who plays at least two games a year there, and it was obvious that we were not prepared mentally. , and I felt unfazed by it in the Hockey East Championship last year. We have gotten to a point now that these guys have played in so many NCAA games and playoff games that, I agree with Colin, every game is the same. It doesn ‘t feel like this is a pre-season, non-league, playoff, NCAA, we are pretty consistent to how we approach things and that leads to a good mindset for the guys.

On the excitement of playing close to UMass and having fans here:

Carvel: It’s awesome. In the beginning of the year you see that the Frozen Four is in Boston and then we could possibly be in Worcester, and you hope that is where you are going to end up. I think it’s a good move by the NCAA, because both will draw well and I hope this place is packed. I hope it feels like a home game for us.
This was the shortest road trip of the year, that’s quite convenient for us. I like facts that we can just show up today and practice, go to bed, and play tomorrow. Didn’t have to get on a plane and spend any extra time here. This is a business trip, and that’s how we are treating it.”

On a scouting report of Minnesota:

Carvel: “A lot of skill. Really concerned about them getting speed through the neutral zone. Really concerned about giving them space in the offensive zone. We are very respectful of the skill level. we went out and played Michigan this year and it was an eye opener for us. I think we are in a much better place now then we were at that time. We’re coming together at the right time.”

On the importance of the size of the rink, and what is an ideal size for the college game:

Carvel: “I think between what we have and the NHL would be ideal. I think we are still at development level

and kids need to have a little more time with the puck. I would like to see a little wider than a NHL rink and deeper corners. You got to have a sheet that allows for physical play.”

On looking at Minnesota as a role model for building a program and having success:

Carval: “No disrespect, but no. I had my own vision of how I wanted to do things and it went to fruition. I wanted to get the university, I wanted the student body to get excited about the team. I wanted the alumni to be excited about the team. I wanted them to play in the Boston Garden and have a full group of alumni to say that they are proud that they went to UMass. I think winning a national championship has done that for our alumni. It’s important this year we are able to follow it up, we didn’t falloff the face of the earth, we put together another good season and that’s the goal. It the culture of high standards and kids want that”

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