Poison Ivy’s New Series Is a Serious Love Story with Harley Quinn

Poison Ivy’s newest series, due for release in June, delves into her on-and-off-again relationship with beau Harley Quinn, while also touching upon themes of climate change and body horror.

Writer G. Willow Wilson hinted that the relationship will be one of the main focuses of the upcoming series. “This is in many ways a love story,” she told Entertainment Weekly. “I feel like that’s not giving too much away, because she says so on the very first page of the book. So I think fans of the Harley-Ivy romance will be pleased because I think there’s no question that her relationship with Harley is now the central, defining relationship of this character. Speaking of evolution, she’s evolved out of being a straight-up villain whose sole job is to thwart Batman to someone who has her own identity, her own story arc, and her own individual relationships with other people in the Bat-verse completely independent of Batman and the Bat-Family. I think that’s really fascinating.”

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Ivy and Harley are one of the most compelling couples in Gotham, Wilson continued, largely because both women have endured a lot and “both had to suffer through being manipulated by people they trusted.” “I think both of them are actively trying to break out of past toxic relationships, and so they see really kindred spirits in each other,” Wilson said. “There’s just a certain chemistry between them that I don’t think anybody could necessarily have predicted, and that’s what makes it fun.”

While romance may feature prominently, the six-issue poison ivy series — originally announced as part of DC’s 2022 Pride Month roster — also doesn’t shy away from Ivy’s uncompromising view that humanity’s destruction of the planet must be punished. Wilson said that “climate change is front and center in this whole thing,” and stressed that Ivy’s powers would result in quite a bit of “plant-based body horror.”

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Ivy’s abilities have grown exponentially in recent years. In the 2021 Batman event “Fear State,” she constructed a nature haven beneath Gotham City and threatened to uproot the entire city. Ivy also transformed into two distinct personalities and bodies over the course of the story, with her more cynical personality than her dubbed “Queen Ivy.” Thanks to the love of Harley Quinn as well as a cameo from Ivy’s ex-girlfriend of her, a mysterious woman known as the Gardener, both sides reconciled and merged into one at the end of the story.

poison ivyby Wilson and artist Marcio Takara, goes on sale on June 7 from DC.

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Source: Entertainment Weekly

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