The future is bright for ‘Café Shapiro”s 25th anniversary performers

Editor’s Note: A Daily staffer performed at “Café Shapiro,” but they were not involved in the creation, production or publication of this piece.

Soft prose was spoken aloud and copious cups of steaming coffee were sipped as a warm afternoon of poems and stories melted away the winter snow and made way for a beautiful and bountiful spring of creative writing.

Celebrating its 25th Anniversary, the annual “Café Shapiro” is an event, traditionally held at the Shapiro Undergraduate Library, initially conceived as a study break for student writers to share their creative works. Since then, it has evolved into a longstanding tradition, giving students nominated by their instructors the opportunity to read their writing aloud, often for the first time. This year’s event, held over Zoom on March 14 and 15, featured 19 undergraduate students sharing their short stories and poems.

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