Tupac’s Haikus Written When He Was 11 Expected To Auction For $300K

The young artist wrote the poems for the freedom fighters in his community that were imprisoned and gave it to his godfather.

Tupac Shakur continues to cash in the big bucks.

At least, that is what is expected with the Sotheby’s auctioning off a collection of the artist’s poetry from his childhood and other highly sought-after hip-hop artifacts.

The auction house believes Pac’s poetry might pull in at least $300K when it puts up a book of haikus written by the rapper when he was a kid at its “The Art and Influence of Hip Hop” sale, which kicked off on Thursday (March 24th).

Other names in Sotheby’s “Art and Influence of Hip Hop” include but are not limited to Chuck D, Jazzy Jay, Ice T, Danny Hastings, and Rock Steady Crew founder Crazy Legs.

“It’s time for some of these gems to be appreciated by someone else. I hope they end up in the hands of someone who is willing to take care of them and share with others,” Crazy Legs told AllHipHop.com.

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