Marvel Reveals How Its Comics Are Written in New Book Series

Marvel is giving fans a behind the scenes look at how comics are written in a new series of books called Script to Page, starting with Black Panther.

A new series of books will reveal how Marvel has created some of their most iconic comic books. The new line of books, called Script-to-Page, co-published with Titan Books, will take readers behind the scenes of their favorite Marvel titles and characters, giving them an unprecedented look at scripts for some of Marvel’s biggest names. The first book in the series, Black Panther: Script to Page goes on sale October 4th.

It is fitting that Black Panther be the first character in the Script-to-Page line. As Marvel’s first Black superhero, Black Panther has become an icon, headlining an Oscar-Nominated film starring the late Chadwick Boseman; some of comics’ top creators, such as Ta-Nehisi Coates, Reginald Hudlin, and Roxanne Gay, have had acclaimed runs on the character, taking Black Panther in new and exciting directions. Fans eager for a look into the creative processes that have shaped Black Panther’s greatest stories are in luck, as this Fall, Marvel and Titan Books will publish Black Panther: Script to Page.


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A press release on Marvel’s website offered a further look into the new book, including a look at its cover, shared below. The book will feature scripts from a number of creators who have worked on Black Panther over the years, including Coates, Hudlin, and Gay, as well as Bryan Edward Hill, Nnedi Okorafor. Each script will be annotated, featuring introductions and commentary from noted journalist and podcast host Angelique Roche. Black Panther: Script to Page will be the first book in the series; subsequent entries, on Spider-Man and the Avengers, will follow on October 25 and November 15, respectively.

Books, such as Black Panther: Script to Page, that take readers behind the scenes of their favorite titles, are fascinating. Marvel and Titan Books are kicking off a line of books that does just that. No two creators are alike, each with their own process and methods, and it can be fascinating to be privy to these. Not only are these books fun and fascinating, but they can also prove indispensable to fans who are trying to break into the industry, serving as a reference for how to format scripts. Black Panther is the perfect character to kick off this line; he has been a source of inspiration to fans and creators for generations and some of comics’ greatest creators have taken a crack at the Black Panther, in the process crafting some of Marvel’s greatest stories.

The process of writing a comic book is complex, with no two writers having the same process, and now Marvel is giving fans a look into the craft with a new line of books, which kicks off this October with Black Panther: Script to Page.

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